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Jan 12 2017

Gita Jackson: Senior Sims Correspondent

Aug 23 2016

“Oh grandma, what big lips you have.”
“The better to eat you with, my dear.”

Aug 23 2016

It’s definitely less about the character herself and more about the actress: her little quirks that made her so relatable. She’s very real, and many of us hooked onto that. Read more

Aug 22 2016

Yeah I don’t see the problem with this.

Aug 19 2016

I assume its possible for that vague state transportation fund to go towards the MBTA, but I’d be surprised if Boston ever did right by the MBTA.

Aug 17 2016

All I know is that I have a new thing to read now.

Aug 17 2016

Thanks for catching that. You can’t trust a news wire service with anything nowadays.

Aug 7 2016

I’m so sorry about that. They should be blocked and the comments should be removed. If they’re still showing up, let me know.

Aug 4 2016

These pictures are amazing. Thank you for sharing!

Aug 3 2016

I’m basically getting this as soon as I get my next paycheck.

Jul 31 2016

YOU ARE CORRECT. I’ll fix. Thanks!

Jul 29 2016

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Jul 29 2016

TBF, this election has set the bar very low.

Jul 28 2016

Not entirely sure on how solar panel maintenance works, although I know people have been working in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone for some time now. There’s still radiation of course, but people have been working around the reactors. I can’t speak to the long-term health effects this could have though. Read more

Jul 27 2016

Ah yes, the Godzilla Zone: the place with the highest probability of animal mutation based on the intersection of radiation, chemicals, and distance from Japan.

Jul 23 2016

Yeah I didn’t have the time to include every detail, but “You’re Next” was great and is probably the only thing that would make me want to see it.