Apr 12

Having spent significant amounts of time holding a gas strut hood up with the top of my head after they invariably fail, I’ve come to appreciate the simple elegance of the hood prop.

Mar 31

Funny that the executive would get priority over the blue collar worker. The latter are the ones we’re actually relying on and need right now. The parasitic Capitalist class proves quite useless when no one’s able to casually consume.

Mar 31

In terms of actual work done, your “low-level” worker beats the “highly trained” executive 10 times out of 10, while being remunerated less, by orders of magnitude. Check yourself.

Mar 31

Regarding the testing thing ... hasn’t that ship sailed already? In other words, even if we suddenly have the ability to test millions, wouldn’t performing the contact tracing be next to impossible at this point? Read more

Mar 11

I feel very lucky to get to edit these stories. There are not many audiences that have an appetite for the more niche stuff, but Gizmodo readers consistently show up for them. Yay

Mar 11

Said it before, but I’ll say it again: I appreciate your “hard science” coverage on this website. Really enjoying hearing/learning about things in fields that I am ignorant of.

Mar 10

All of those South Africans fleeing the ship settling over their city in the beginning were just fleeing to make room for the colonists, not because it was menacing

Mar 9

So a Land Rover Discovery??? I thought Ford and Land Rover parted ways?

Mar 3

We are working to confirm reports that Tesla was spotted in shambles

Feb 13

It’s amazing how pissed off people who are used to getting away with shit get when they’re finally called to account.

Feb 12

And somehow Barstool Sports still exists while Deadspin is no more. Anyway, between Don Cherry and this douche, it’s been a tough season for asshole hockey commentators.

Feb 12

As I’ve said before, this is the whole issue I have with GM. They lag and lag behind the industry, and then when they finally do what everyone else has been doing, they want all kinds of pomp and circumstance for it. Then, after they get it right, the entire project loses steam and gets cancelled. Read more