Jun 26

So because you don’t like something it should be banned? That’s the un-American thing I've ever heard. To be honest I'll fly whatever flag I want to fly and you can feel however you want to feel about because I don't give a fuck about what you think. 

Jun 26

How did it inconvenience anyone before? It’s not like the General Lee stopped existing.

Jun 26

It doesn’t change anyone’s life not to allow for the Dukes of Hazzard paintjob, apart from people that wanted to have the Dukes of Hazzard paintjob. It’s posturing for the sake of it.

Jun 26

We banned the Dukes of Hazzard paintjob? Excellent, racism solved, everyone. Way to go. Because the only people cosplaying the single most famous paintjob for a Charger were all Klan members, no exceptions.

Jun 25

Erin hit all the right notes with this post: snarky, self-righteous, and superior. Read more

Jun 25

I’ve tied a noose a few times as a kid. ‘Pretty sure it didn’t mean anything then. Pretty sure you’re an judgmental....

Apr 6

I was under the impression that Karen was a bit more economic, about a woman whose husband supports her lower-middle-class lifestyle and thinks having two nickles to rub together makes her better than people working for a living. The main difference between a white Karen and a black Karen is that only the latter adds Read more

Mar 24

These drugs work in part by blocking the lysosomes within your cells from achieving the acid pH they need to work. The theory for why it might work against the virus is that the viral particles need the acid pH to uncoat and properly enter the cells. The problem is that lysosomes do a lot of important stuff unrelated Read more

Feb 19

The problem was the team was selling the gender of the drivers, rather than the talent of the drivers. Sponsors aren’t going to throw money at a gimmick that could turn out to be a useless back-marker in a race.

Feb 19

I understand the gravity behind the situation, I think. But isn’t fielding an exclusively female team the definition of a gimmick? Read more

Jan 3

Me thinks it also probably has something to do with Norwegians being smart enough to look before walking out in front of moving vehicles too. And I suspect they have a lot fewer mentally ill homeless people wandering around in traffic. Those are the folks who seem to get nailed with some regularity in my hometown of Read more

May 29 2019

My vote? Time-traveling tourists. Sightings are increasing because we’re getting closer to WWIII, a popular destination in time for history buffs.

May 19 2019

Thank god they found her. We should now get to quarter the guy using four Ford 500s

May 19 2019

You forgot to give us the other relevant info. It was a Ford 500 according to the linked article.