Mar 24 2017

Agree, comrade. Capitalist pigdog car show should only review cars of people, not bourgeoisie garbage like Bugati. Do not wish to give proletariat aspirational feelings. If cannot afford, then why look? Is waste of time. Will never afford. Is only dreams and dreams for little children babies. Read more

Feb 28 2017

I feel like resigning in protest is the only reason for a true Frenchman to come to work.

Nov 17 2016

Sometimes a bleeped f-bomb can be funnier than an actual f-bomb, I find.

Jun 17 2016

“You’re going to love it, it’s pretty much an F-Type with four doors,” a Jaguar rep told me... “

May 6 2016

But that didn’t happen, did it? We’re talking about a Trump supporter denying a Bernie supporter help. Could the same happen if it was the reverse? Certainly. Would most Trump supporters do the same that this guy did? Likely not, because they’re probably not assholes. But trying to justify this because the possibility Read more

May 6 2016

but god? He prob would have done that. Old testament god is a total dick

May 3 2016

you are talking about the opossum right? that could kick ballaban’s ass.

Apr 25 2016

Police Officer puts a father to shame in front of his daughter, forces the father to drive to WalMart to support big corporations.

Apr 25 2016

This LEGO kit doesn’t look good. I really wish this 911 was not a Technic, but a model from the same line as the Mini Cooper, which is damn near flawless and includes a lot of nice details. Read more

Apr 18 2016

Barry, I hate to break it to you but Lincoln Chafee dropped out of the race months ago and this write-in fantasy of yours is doomed to fail.

Mar 31 2016

...Which is not a Japanese name, if that’s what you’re trying to insinuate.

Mar 3 2016

There’s no way Fresh Choice isn’t the name of the section with the sad prepackaged wraps inside a gas station.

Feb 22 2016

Passengers on the Aaron Hernandez cruise, however, did not have nearly as much fun.

Jan 29 2016

This photo is of the driver going back in the street to see what small bump in the road just tore off his oil pan.