Battery Tender Unnecessary
11:44 AM

In Lady Trieu’s speech before the clock starting mentioned she’d made rockets a decade ago. “SAVE ME D” is “SAVE ME DAUGHTER” a message from Veidt to her, and the “comet” that crashed into the farm in Episode 4 is actually happening tonight when the 7K capture Jon and it’s a rocket containing Adrian Veidt bringing him Read more

5:07 PM

Goddamn right on in finding your strength and peace. I know it’s not a journey that ever really ends, but may yours continue to be ever onward, and may that road rise always to meet your feet.

And no sweat on the callouts. Sometimes I deserve them—and other times, I need them. I have a tendency to go to arrogance as a Read more

4:51 PM

I’m an addict and alcoholic. 7.5 years sober. Video games at one point became the only way to keep the nasty thoughts I would have when I was drink from dominating my mind; something semi-mindlesd to keep the hands and senses busy, something external to dominate and control, something to fight (literal demons, often) Read more

4:45 PM

If it’s aiming for the realism of war, the part where you abandon the rebels to be ethnically cleansed should be interesting.

2:47 PM

It’s sort-of coming to Quest now since they announced the Quest will be able to link to PC to become a Rift. I suspect that was the reason for their answer being worded the way it was.

2:45 PM

Wife: They’re having a 2-for-1 happy hour special at... 

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7:32 PM

Having never been touched like that by a woman before, it was all he could do to prematurely eject her.

8:46 AM

Can I just say I’ve always hated this part of marketing/sales? “Below $60k” shouldn’t mean $59995. Everybody does this and it has always bothered me. Less than $1000 usually means $999. Hell, even smaller items are sold like this as less than $10 usually means $9.99. It’s not that hard to figure out and it’s not like Read more