Battery Tender Unnecessary
11:32 PM

Wait until you hear they’re just charging you 150% the price of an E63 wagon for a rebodied E63 wagon. Seriously, besides adding some 4-wheel steering hardware (an option even Porsche only charges $1500 for) it is mechanically identical to the E63 wagon.  Almost all of the interior is interchangable with an E-class.

9:29 PM

Semi-useless tip:  This has been on AMGs for years, they just made it easier to activate.  Previously you had to press the start button without pressing the brake to turn on accessory mode, then select “Race” from the drive programs, then press the brake and start the car.  Voila.

4:46 PM

I had just assumed Outer Worlds kicked me to the main menu because I have it on Game Pass and it’s got a poorly implemented authorization check upon waking...

4:44 PM

Did you buy it or use game pass? I’ve experienced the same thing and assumed it’s poor game pass implementation where’s it’s kicking me out to main menu because it’s acting like it’s a profile change when I un-suspend and then it rechecks your game pass authorization.

9:35 AM

Counter-point: The average driver doesn’t have the presence of mind to keep any and all pressure off the brake when not braking so you’ll have people testing their left foot on the brake pedal resulting in prematurely worn brake pads and their brake lights being on constantly, even while it’s easier Read more

2:09 PM

Ooo, that’s eerie.  Specifically if my brother-in-law goes to his in-laws for a holiday it’s like someone killed her dog. 

9:05 PM

It says something that the only April Fools joke that’s actually “got me” in the past decade was the story about the head engineer of the Supra blowing all the money that was supposed to be used to develop 3JZ on bad investments/gambling so they went to BMW...because the only way my mind could wrap around the idea of Read more

8:28 PM

Counter-point from a previous Range Rover Sport SVR owner: Getting all the ruckus for $40-50k less sounds like a bargain.

9:38 PM

I will never understand people that HAVE to bounce from one “special” event to the next just to give their lives meaning.  My mother-in-law will be planning the next trip, event, vacation in the middle of a trip, event, vacation instead of just enjoying the moment.  My wife has learned to enjoy the moment, the Read more

8:35 PM

The major issue I already have with the screen based rear view mirrors from Land Rover and GM is that my eyes have to go from focusing on something far away (out the windshield) to something close (the rear view mirror screen) and back to a distance, during which my eyes go “Crossed”, it gives me a headache after a Read more

9:57 AM

It would be appropriate for a lot of journalism to remember Hitchens’ Razor when reporting things like this.  i.e. you don’t have to say on national television that it’s “worth asking” things like a President soliciting foreign aid to help with their political campaign...NO, NO ITS NOT WORTH ASKING, it’s a felony.

10:09 AM

Because with the rate that new good games come out right now this is like someone telling you there’s no desert after you just ate an amazing 20-30 hour hour before you start another ~20-100 hour meal. At that pace we aren’t going to “starve”.

3:35 PM

Making the Rift S pointless in the process.  You can either spend $399 on a headset that’s worthless without a $1k+ PC or a completely self contained VR console that also works with a PC.

3:32 PM

They also announced today that there’s a software update called “Oculus Link” coming to the Quest that let you use it with a gaming PC, basically turning it into a Rift. Also hand tracking. Basically making the Rift S irrelevant since $399 gets you both a completely self contained VR console and the ability to play PC Read more