7:34 AM

I’d love to hear what Vettel thinks about THIS finish, then.

7:14 AM

Used to comment here all the time but kind of stopped for a long time after my dad died. That’s another story for another day. I came back here to say that this is objectively wrong, and it’s next to impossible for opinions to be wrong. Read more

9:26 AM

You just rescued my entire morning.  Thank you sir.  What a weird little thing!

9:19 AM

Not pictured are the euro tags front and back. Yellow with black letters. I thought custom golf cart too but the details inside and out seemed too much for just that. The seats, steering wheel, seat belts, lights - that’s a LOT of extraneous detail for a golf cart.

6:59 AM

I’m pretty fond of color schemes from the 30s.

6:52 AM

Well, in this instance the losing (?) state’s residents have benefited greatly from their pawnage. Vance and Tuscaloosa were hemorrhaging jobs in the manufacturing sector and the surrounding areas that weren’t supported solely by farming and small industry were headed straight for collapse. Mercedes and Honda (among Read more

7:21 AM

The flu shot just needs a new PR campaign. Instead of talking about how the shot should make you “immune to the flu”, we should be talking about how effective the shot is at mitigating the severity of the flu. A flu can put an otherwise-healthy 20-something year old in the hospital or even kill them. No shit. I asked Read more

12:37 PM

From the article you cited: “If . . . the court finds that the current dispute is fundamentally distinct . . . and legislative statutes are either silent or ambiguous on the question, judges have the authority and duty to resolve the issue (one party or the other has to win, and on disagreements of law, judges make Read more

10:56 AM

You are not correct. You are also entirely without knowledge or comprehension when forming your conclusions. Read more

11:45 AM

That’s actually not correct. As president-elect he has not been sworn into the office and does not possess the authorities that vest only after he is sworn. That’s the law the judge would have to follow. It’s incorrect to assume that a judge would have discretion to interpret the statute in a manner contrary to the Read more

8:27 AM

Yes and not yes. “Talking to Russia” is only one element of the charged offense. The text of 18 U.S.C. 953 involves (1) talking, (2) with the intent to influence, and (3) without authority of the United States. There are others, but that’s the meat. (Statutory language below) Read more

6:45 AM

This will severely impact the Braves’ ability going forward to trade one talented star rookie for six outfielders, a left legged pitcher, and a sous chef. Very sad day.

9:54 AM

The example has nothing to do with the waiver, it was of NASCAR’s extremely questionable caution at Homestead that year. I’ve got no issue with the waiver. Alanis’ article was about NASCAR’s commitment to a consistent application of the rules even in the event, say, that the crash clock jeapordizes a Chaser’s finish. Read more

6:48 AM

I want to believe that NASCAR would issue the leader a speeding penalty within the last 10 laps, but I can’t imagine that happening from the same NASCAR that threw a caution at Homestead in 2015 with 11 laps to go for a water bottle off the track (dropped by an Official) essentially just to give Kyle Busch a chance to