Captain Janeway
Dec 4 2018

Lindsay looks, dresses, sounds, and dances like a desperate and horny 55 year old alcoholic cougar and I’m here for it.

Oct 9 2018

When my husband and I got engaged, I was living with a roommate. To save money for the wedding, rather than re-upping my lease, I moved back into my childhood home. This meant my parents and grandparents (who lived there) were always keeping an eye out to be sure we weren’t fornicating.

So, being creative, young Read more

Oct 1 2018

I love martinis sooo much that I recently caved and started making them myself (and I live alone). I bought myself nice little drink stirrers for my olives too. Live your life!

May 19 2018

That photo of Kitty Spencer looks like something off the cover of a romance novel. She is stunning.

May 7 2018

And R2D2 just stood there doing NOTHING

Apr 25 2018

she’s actually been fairly outspoken against trump, so i do believe it.