Captain Janeway

Why can’t we make shows and movies about Muslims or Arabs that don’t have anything to do with terrorism or 9/11?

maybe once a week if i initiate. my husband has a new stressful job and it’s all he thinks about. so i get it, but it also frustrates me and makes me feel crappy. hopefully he settles into it soon.

love crate and barrel. and i love their dish ware too. affordable and very good quality.

i recently purchased a $700 solid wood dining table from crate and barrel. it is very nice and very very safe.

We just caught up with The Expanse and now I can’t wait for season 3! I’m way behind, but I also just started the Wire. And I’m just waiting and waiting for the Americans to come back. I’ll check out AP Bio. I couldn’t tell if it would suck or not but I’m hearing a lot of good things.

i made roasted sweet potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, and chickpeas with salmon. seasoned the veggies with turmeric, coriander, salt, pepper, tons of garlic. served with labneh and lemon juice. Read more

My go-to lipbalm is Burt’s Bees. The minty tingly one. When my lips are dry in the middle of winter and need serious medication and attention I use Aquaphor. No smell, and very, very effective. Read more

is that supposed to be sexy? why would he do that? that’s disgusting.

yes! that color looks great on her, and it’s such a tough color to pull off.

i love these fashion run-downs but i think the format is really difficult. it would be better with a small blurb after every photo, rather than blocks of pictures and text. it makes it hard to follow. Read more

Yeah they’re kind of heavy. But I think they’re very realistic!

Haha that’s kind of why I picked it up initially. It was mentioned in an Atlantic article that talked about how Obama loved it so I bought it right away.

i had a pretty good skin routine down but the past few weeks my skin has been erupting. it’s embarrassing and frustrating and painful. i’m not sure what to do. i’ve been really stressed out the past few weeks so that likely has something to do with it. i’m planning to get my IUD removed next week so that will probably Read more

are they fucking IRL because i don’t see how they wouldn’t be after that kind of performance

where can we see this performance!!!

leftover chicken and corn, black bean, and avocado salad. not bad. also my 3rd cup of coffee but i think it’s time to tone down the coffee.

arab here, i was always asked if my dad owned any oil fields. i wish.

omg yes. i’m a californian who lived in tx for a bit and spring storms scared me to death all the time. like, panic, constant pacing and worrying. fuck that shit.