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May 16 2019

Where would you rather send your kids to buy games? They are going for those sales. I.e. the mass market $

May 16 2019

I’ve had to make a new login four times this month just from phone apps. I just think if “having to make a new login” is too much for some people, then they are going to have extreme difficulty surviving in our digital age.  

May 16 2019

They just earned some more business from me, a gamer that hates porn games and the gamers that play porn games.

May 16 2019

A PC game is a PC game. All them kids losing their minds about which favorite version of Electronic Walmart they use is weird to me.

It’s not like they gotta wait a year for an Xbox timed exclusive to show up on the PS4. You can just get it for the PC day one. Seems like they still got it better than console people do Read more

May 16 2019

Never underestimate the depth of perverts on the Internet.

May 16 2019

lol how big do you think the “I need more porn. Give it to me in games.” segment is?

May 16 2019

I don’t care if you’re pissy at Epic, every single one of y’all better go buy Hades right now. It’s $7 and worth far, far excuses. Even if you feel Epic doesn’t deserve your support, Supergiant absolutely does.

Jan 20 2017

Kellyanne Conway is dressed like a bad Assassin’s Creed character. The former campaign manager for and current Counselor to the President is dressed in a $3,600 Gucci ensemble and it’s just a whole lot.

Sep 29 2016

The sound of the baby’s heart eventually breaks the moment of silence and Zoey says, “Thank you, God,” which could be an instinctual reaction from her—she could still be questioning her beliefs.
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Sep 29 2016

Ann Coulter doesn’t have the stamina to be a professional troll. Have you seen her lately? Something’s really wrong with her, a lot of people are saying. Had to cancel an event. Sad!

Sep 29 2016

That’s odd cause I just finished this season and the BLM sign was right there in the window.

Sep 29 2016

Apparently the sketch hits a little too close to home. Anyway, this statement is clearly a fake: it was sent out by Rush Limbaugh and the GOP in a lame attempt to make them look humorless. Right? Right.

Sep 29 2016

“Fuck Portlandia! Transmisogyny – Racism – Gentrification – Queer Antagonism – Devaluation of Feminist Discourse.”

Aug 22 2016

io9 needs a regular column called “That’s Still On?” about shows that everyone stopped watching a long time ago but are, somehow, still on.

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