Capt Figpuckr Crimea Rivr Song
May 16 2019

All corporations wish to dominate their fields and replace the current dominant players. Unless you’re some flavor of anti-capitalist your complaint is pretty silly and even if you an anti-capitalist the complaint would still be silly. And if Epic is doing anything, they are disrupting Steam’s business model. That’s Read more

Nov 1 2017

People can’t be angry all the time. We can’t imbue every political action with anger, we’re not Republicans. Messaging should follow several different paths and not the just the one you think is the best. Humor, pop culture and trying to be relatable are good things to do. Just because a person’s anger isn’t palpable Read more

Oct 4 2017

Classic Hollywood response, preemptively distance yourself from the woman you set up to fail due to your incompetence. You can bet they’ll do their best to take as much credit possible if it succeeds. Not to mention for every person Frankenstein kills Bride of Frankenstein kills .78 people. Sexism? Capitalism.

Mar 21 2017

It sounds like the first ME except not as organized on delivering plot in a linear way. The Ikea design sounds disappointing but story>graphics.

Sep 29 2016

Chelsea is a loving mean girl who tries to be nice except when people are jerks while Coulter is mean to everybody and rarely nice. I would love such a blondenado.

Sep 2 2016

After 7 Presidents who are not straight white males are elected? When at least 10 percent of the Fortune 500 isn’t male? When a sliver of a sliver of a sliver don’t command 90 percent of the planets wealth? Take your pick.

Aug 26 2016

I’ll wait until the primer to have no connection to Hollywood in your life comes out because here you are here supporting this Hollywood film by clicking on this article supporting it. Also, please make sure you never eat food harvested by abused workers while you’re at it. How could you ever support eating food Read more

Jan 18 2016

The corporations lobbied for and often wrote these complex and complicated tax codes, which is why they aren’t paying taxes in America because they created a system to offshore their profits so as not to pay American taxes on them. Like Microsoft has a one person office in Ireland to get lower tax rates. So they keep Read more