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I think it’s cute that you genuinely think IX is going to have a disappointing opening. Read more

Having played the first round of games online that were reasonable over the Internet as opposed to a LAN, like Quake, Starcraft, Diablo, then a bunch of others in that vein... the majority of people were young white men, generally suburban and relatively well-off, and willing to eschew social interaction for sitting Read more

Thank you for this — ignore the rabble telling you this is too harsh. Read more

He’s one of the most recognizable players in the NFL because he’s been one of the best players in the league for a decade, he’s on by far the most prominent and best team in the league, and he’s a big dopey white guy. Also, this website is primarily dedicated to talking about things of no real consequence to anyone. Read more

Maybe she means it’s fucked up that our prisons are full of black men incarcerated for small amounts of marijuana and players are being called unpatriotic and threatened with negative consequences for peacefully protesting, meanwhile this guy is getting $3 million a year and blithely doing a shit ton of coke on team Read more

You’ll have to show me where I held ESPN up as a shinning example of how to do sports media. News flash hot shot, ESPN is bad too! Read more

Yeah, this season’s phenomenal. I think the show is outgrowing a lot of its base, though, so there’s backlash. Read more

This has been the best season of Rick and Morty so far so way to go ladies. Read more

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Conversely, if it *was* the norm, would they need to buy it? Read more

The only reason ESPN didn’t fire Hill is because they’re so timid and fearful from the ratings standpoint that they have no spine to make a stand. They fired Schilling, not because he was hateful and wrong, but because they thought they political wind was blowing in favor of trans rights. It had nothing to do with the Read more

The fact that these four plotlines all had relatively well-defined characters with well-defined arcs that still managed to keep their own flavour with certain nice inventive twists and resolve them all at the end while tying them neatly together in one big narrative arc and do it all in under 25 freakin’ minutes is Read more

My theory is, Doofus Rick wasn’t always Doofus Rick and some sort of intelligence siphon happened and now we have a Morty with the intelligence of a Rick. And he’s clearly decided to destroy/subjugate every Rick in the universe (and considers the other Mortys as collateral damage, if he considers them at all). Read more

None of this seems inconsistent to me, albeit contradictory in a believable sense. He thinks his egotism, impulsiveness, self-destructiveness and destructiveness in general are toxic, so as a result he is laid back, modest, and polite. He also hates his compassion, especially directed at Morty, so de-toxified Rick Read more

These comments about "deserving" or "earning" a grade are weird to me. It's the reviewer's subjective opinion. Your opinion is subjective too. So who cares what the rating is? Read more

I don't know, the three-pointer room scene alone might be worth an A for me. Hell, I might give it an A just for the line "I conceived a child with Million Ants and it died inside me BECAUSE IT WAS HALF A MILLION ANTS AND HALF COLLAPSING STAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!" Read more