May 15 2019

Except Biden’s been in this same sort of scenario before, whiffed it each time prior, and the only sign of anything different here is the desperate pushing of the donors and DNC to try and get him in the ‘anointed one’ slot ASAP so maybe people bow out for him a’la Clinton last time. Biden’s representing nothing of Read more

May 13 2019

You ever had dick so good you got edged into genocide because you couldn’t keep having it on your terms? Dany did.

Apr 15 2019

Implying they can’t just pull a Blofeld and have him be Snoke or be pulling his strings all along.

Mar 22 2019

Given that in 2018, 118,537,867 votes were counted, and that was roughly half the eligible electorate, even in the case that every one the 25,861,298 people who live in the 10 largest cities could and did vote, they’d have been a quarter of the electorate. And that’s granting woefully lenient errors in favor of your Read more

Dec 6 2018

Clearly her own online training paid off there. :v

Nov 30 2018

No, there’s another superhero crossover he actually takes part in here...

Nov 6 2018

This. The current rule is simple, if you don’t directly claim X, you aren’t X. Doing legit propaganda makes it harder to maintain that minimal fiction that FNC is anything other than an organized propaganda arm of the GOP with only a balance of its profit motive to consider.

Oct 18 2018

It seems quite potent given the modern political climate to have a young mutant earning the moniker of Magneto to come out of Palestine standing up against Israeli colonists and military forces. Controversial doesn’t begin to describe the reaction for a company taking this route, but tell me the idea of an uneasy Read more

Oct 15 2018

“That said, this DNA test stunt was dumb, and shows a very white obliviousness to what it means to be Native American in this country.” Read more

Oct 5 2018

Minor correction if unintentional: /r/the_donald is the cesspool subreddit; /r/thedonald was left unclaimed and became a Donald Glover et al. meme hub in contrast to the other one.

Jul 26 2018

“So since it’s obvious there was no collusion with Russia now Mueller as a backup is going for obstruction of justice?” Read more

Jun 22 2018

As a moderate Caucasian, I dissociate myself from this supposed white person’s statements and professed beliefs. Radical whataboutism is not to be tolerated. ;v

Jun 21 2018

Really. The sad part is if they were being crafty, they could just acquiesce to this and start up new training docs that give them a solid precedent for how open they allow ‘necessary’ to be so that when the first few cases they have officers in get relatively safe passes, the law basically doesn’t mean anything new Read more