10/29/20 2:30PM

They can’t call it a mid-cycle refresh, because the z is 12 years old. Everything Nissan seems to be doing is warming over decade-old engineering hoping to ship enough volume to not become the next Mitsubishi or Suzuki.

They’re failing.

10/29/20 2:18PM

They keep saying it's new, but it definitely seems to be a 370 with a body kit and a mid-cycle refresh. 

10/27/20 8:22PM

My fellow countryman, asking the important questions other Jalops are too scared to ask.

10/21/20 1:45PM

Well if there’s anything I gather from this, it’s that the US auto industry isn’t particularly great.

Given how inclined the average American is to buy a crossover in white or black as opposed to anything even remotely interesting, that’s one thing I agree with.

10/15/20 1:16PM

In my experience in talking with a few family friends who work at dealerships, they price them high because they dont actually want to sell them yet... they use these to draw people in. They come to look at the high end car, or special edition sitting there in the showroom and you might be able to hook them into Read more

10/15/20 12:56PM

Haha right on, i sold cars for a while and one of the dealerships was exactly like this.

10/15/20 12:42PM

window tint - $1000
aftermarket wheels - $5000
dust-o-shield coating - $1500

10/15/20 12:33PM

Sounds like you’ve described a former Mitsubishi dealer in Tuscaloosa.  Only they now sell used cars.

10/14/20 10:38PM

Here’s the actual footage of the attack which shows the splash from the dud bomb, starting at 0:50.

10/14/20 4:27PM

It appears to be a new platform that the Pilot may then move to when it’s updated, but this does not appear to be a reskinned Pilot in any sense. Read more

10/08/20 4:37PM

I think the Germans are realizing that all these false M badges and AMG everything have diluted and cheapened the image... like Cadillac found out years ago with the Caterra.... they are just late to the party.    I think that "ti" is a huge step for the company and is way smarter than just slapping on another M badge Read more