4:59 PM

Or ad agencies. We’ll pay you in ping pong table fun! Nintendo lounge! Just come in by 6 and leave by 10, kthxbai! 

2:30 PM

There’s a real tone in this article that Reese is somehow to blame, or responsible for what happened. I’m really tired of women getting the blame for men’s bad actions. She left Phillipe 16 years ago. Even though she has to maintain a co-parenting relationship with him-in 2017 their children were both still minors-his Read more

11:47 AM

This is exactly what I thought! It’s the FB office in LA lol. It just needs a graffiti mural.

10:07 AM

His house looks like a douchey San Francisco tech startup office, including the Slurpee dispenser and the mini basketball game.

11:23 PM

I am desperately trying to keep out of the pumpkin chocolate chip with lemon vanilla glaze cookies I baked on Wednesday until after dinner!

7:17 PM

I am envious of any man who gets to eat cake in the middle of the night. Just like in rock paper scissors, cake always beats ghosts.

6:31 PM

what does it say if most white people are killed by other white people? I don’t know where to look that statistic up, but assuming it’s true, shouldn’t we then fix the problems in our culture/communities as well?” Read more

5:56 PM

I actually had a guy look like a light turned on in his brain when I told him to think about what percentage of the US population was black when he quoted some figure on how many times more white people are killed by police. (I forget the exact figures, but obviously black people are over-represented among Americans Read more

5:16 PM

Probably especially if you are a minority.  Asian woman might be a particularly appealing combination as there will be so many white male conservatives with a hard-on for her. 

10:56 PM

Last week, I helped @ieatlemonskins out with some photography tips, and it prompted a suggestion: What if we utilized all of the brilliance and expertise of the Jezebel commentariat to help our fellow Jezzies out when they have something they want to learn or ask that they can’t figure out another way? We have a lot Read more

8:38 PM

I haven’t been through this, but you don’t owe anyone the full story...can you get by with a “yes, technically (still) married, but *hand wave* it’s complicated!” And move on to another subject? Most decent people will pick up on your reluctance to go into details and you can feel like you’ve been honest, and not Read more

7:04 PM

I am just not doing well with this 90 degree weather, at least the last few days the humidity hasn’t been too bad here, but I just feel beaten down by the heat. A co-worker I actually like’s last day was yesterday, so I made no-bake chocolate mousse bars for her, since she loves chocolate. They came out really good,

7:00 PM

sinking feeling of realizing while I’ll measure up to be someone somebody could potentially admire, like, or love one day, it sure as fuck wouldn‘t be today. Read more

6:42 PM

Maya, I am sure I’m not the only one here who sees your strength, your resilience, your compassion and your spark...even through this shitride you’re stuck on for now. Read more

6:33 PM

Hey things have actually happened this week.

In “brace yourself” news the divorce has taken a step forward. The court has approved my petition and now is the time to try and work out the best way of reaching a financial settlement but I have zero idea how to go about trying to convince my so-called-husband Read more