2:21 PM

I generally just wear whatever I like without thinking about my age too much. If I think I look cute in the crop top, I buy it. If I put on a pair of pants and go oh butt DEFINITELY did not look like that a few years ago...I throw them in the bin. It’s easy if you don’t overthink it! Read more

8:20 PM

I think my marriage (relatively brief! Married 3 years, together for 4) is ending. How do I talk about this among acquaintances? It’s awkward. I feel like I’m leading on people I know socially/through work—who might otherwise be interested—by not talking about my husband...but also don’t want to talk about him when he Read more

8:10 PM

BEAUTIFUL! You are my hero. Right now I am doing stove/toaster oven/instant pot, but definitely no oven.

9:51 PM

This is how I’ve gradually come to feel about it. You want moisturizers to absorb and SPFs to sit on top of the skin, so combining the two isn’t ideal for either.* Read more

9:17 PM

Yes! You have to roll them pretty thin, and once cooked through on a skillet, throw them on an open flame to puff up! That should do the trick :)

6:25 PM

Today I made pita for the first time(!), to serve with an Ottolenghi eggplant salad (except the recipe called for pomegranate molasses and I realized mid-recipe I was out[!] so I made a balsamic reduction instead—worked!), roasted peppers, and vegan feta. We took it to a park for lunch and it was lovely.

10:16 AM

I just want to take this opportunity to share a PSA about Recess, a hemp extract (and magic?)-infused sparkling water that tastes good and somehow manages to make me feel like I am on vacation at the end of a can. Read more

5:20 PM

My old lady back problems demand a backpack. I got a cute one from Matt and Nat for commuting. If I’m headed to a lunch or a meeting that doesn’t necessitate my laptop, I keep an envelope clutch in my bag and just take that with me. Granted, I’m in advertising so I’m not a REAL professional, but I think this approach Read more

1:13 PM

I wish I could say I had the same experience after losing a parent, but I didn’t. (Not that I don’t love and worry about my mom! Just that there isn’t any codependence there.). Humans are weird and varied, man. 

12:02 PM

Thank you! I’m not sure what all of that means, but I am going to look it up. Appreciate you taking a moment to educate me ❤️

3:20 PM

I got a gorgeous big Smokey quartz ring on Etsy for under $100! The shop was called Hawkhouse. You should check it out!

1:34 PM

Hahaha that’s worrying. Then again in fairness I comment on Phoebe Robinson’s Instagram AS THOUGH we were friends (WE WOULD BE IN ANOTHER LIFE OKAY) so I am not allowed to judge anyone else’s blurred boundaries with social media, ha!