nah need the black 55 chevy to race against Read more

take the visor off and it's more like a 32, the visor just make it look like a 30-31 Model A coupe. Read more

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my top 2 favorites are the the L88 corvette race cars with their side pipes and 427 big block Chevy's

Purpose built drag car, love the feel of staging and hitting it on the green but it's limited used and all of the required tools,trailer, tow rig, etc really takes a lot of the fun out of it. Plus it's so darn expensive to race and keep a car competitive

Thanks, the trim on the side is 56 bel air but the quarter panel uses a opposite side front fender set to create the loop. Read more

Im a classic car guy and a huge custom fan, so I know a lot about 49-51 fords since they are a great platform for any type of custom. Ive never owned or worked on one but my grandfather and I have worked on customs. we have a 56 Chevy that has so much work you can hardly tell its a 56 chevy anymore.

It's out of another car, I can't remember though. I've seen this grille in other customs. Kinda looks like what the car was going to be. Any plans for more custom work? Read more

Nice project! Looks like some one has swapped the hood for a 51 piece, grille I have never seen before, could be two if the same grille bar. What motors in it? Read more

I still have my first car. My 1968 Camaro SS/RS. My grandpa found it in the paper when I was 8 and bought it. we then spent the next 7 years completely restoring it. Had it pretty much done when I turned 15 and got my permit. I learned how to drive a stick in this car.

1968 Camaro Z/28 Convertible

1955 Chevy Bel Air, the car that started it all for small block Chevys. This car was all new in 55 finally getting rid of all the remaining pre war styling. Featureing wrap around glass and all new chassis this is one of the most iconic cars America has ever built

1932 Ford Roadster, the miata of the 50s. Also the car when you think Hot Rod, anyone who likes cars knows about the 32 duece.

1967-1968 Chevy Camaro L30/M20 combo - "The Phantom SS"

change the title over, check and change all the fluids and fix any little issues. Read more

a movie on Mark Donahue would be amazing due to his successes in so many different race series. He won in everything he drove. Was a terror in Can Am and unstoppable in Trans Am. He is just a legend of motorsports. Read more

1956 Chevy 150, "Miss Taboo", Full custom. Originally built between 1958-1961 this car has been modified at different points up to this day. There is so many parts from different cars used to create this car. Headlights are 1957 Chrysler 300 units, grille is s 54 Chevy with 14 extra teeth for 19 total, front and rear

Chevy all the way, my family and I have a thing for them.

This movie is the reason I have a desire to own a straight axle 55 Chevy. I have been brainwashed by this car since I was 10. Read more