Thursday 1:23PM

Well, he is right! This is all our goddamned fault. We should have been buying electric cars from the very beginning, but no, we choose gasoline powered cars (not that there was choice, but still our fault). Read more

Thursday 1:03PM

It’s not like Shell or other oil and gas companies tried to hide internal data proving climate change and fought any meaningful change using misinformation...

Thursday 12:47PM

Yes, it’s the god-given right of corporations to make huge profits by not paying for their pollution. /s

6/03/21 12:12PM

“clueless, hueless and now-swimming pool-less” and “Gentrifier from the block”.... Read more

5/24/21 12:11AM

I think a lot of people are concerned what will happen if they say no.  Like, yes, it is 100% your right to say no, but given how we’ve seen police act, people don’t wanna die being right.

5/22/21 5:13PM

I agree. It is morally indefensible to operate prisons as for-profit. There should never be a profit motive for locking people up.  Housing prisoners should be something that society should try to avoid, it’s expensive, more expensive that education.

5/22/21 8:36AM

Having worked in the private prison healthcare industry for a couple years, I cannot stress enough how bad of an idea this all is. Saw and heard about all sorts of shady shit while there. Just look up Corizon lawsuits on Google, you’ll see how bad it can get. Read more

5/22/21 3:38AM

I just did a search on the topic of cops working in Apple stores, and according to commentators on Quora, they are off-duty police being paid by Apple. That removes one offense (tax payers paying for private security), but creates another. If they are off duty and working as private security, they should not be Read more

5/21/21 11:54PM

CAPITALISM IS NOT FOR EVERYTHING. Whether or not you like the police we have now you do not want “protect and serve” to become a product of the free competitive market. I understand private police would go with your private prisons so that you would have a “matching set" ITS A BAD FUCKING IDEA BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN

5/21/21 5:26PM

Roadside rapid tests should be banned. The tests are, no doubt, going to test positive for whatever they are intended to detect - there is great doubt that they will test negative for everything else in the universe, which means plenty of false positives which means plenty of wrongful arrests, seizures, stays in jail Read more

5/17/21 1:44PM

Far as I can gather, the newly created WarnerMedia spinoff company will include all of AT&T’s cable channels, including HBO, as well as the HBO Max streaming service. WarnerMedia will be the company that is merging with Discovery. Read more

5/16/21 10:22PM

Well, you have to understand that Marxism is defined as “anything I don’t like” to many people like this, so...