Thursday 5:58PM

Maybe we should create a privacy law that requires a positive approval of new surveillance techniques instead of taking care of it as soon as someone let’s it slip that they have additional capabilities. Law enforcement has repeatedly shown that they have absolutely no interest in protecting the civil rights of Read more

Thursday 5:41PM

So, white people should just bow down to our superior Asian masters? That’s what that sounds like.

Thursday 11:31AM

They’re not “recognizable” if you’ve ever seen a pig embryo, or a monkey embryo, or a chicken embryo,...

Thursday 11:30AM

This is shit that conservatives say all the time when they’re ashamed of their views.

Thursday 11:28AM

So when something is wrong and you know it, and you recognize it,... you just say nothing?

Thursday 11:25AM

but if I start going after him and wanting his head on a spike...then I am in no way better then him. Just a even worse, even more toxic assholes that somehow thinks getting a free pass to be such an asshole by being on the “good side”. Read more

Wednesday 12:40PM

I think that’s the problem with deifying anyone,... You take an entire life and a complex personal philosophy and boil it down to 10 words or less. Read more

Wednesday 12:31PM

The way that he frames and his persona/identity is part of the material. The super obvious Irish guy with the Boston accent making poignant commentary on race (among other things) because it plays against your expectation of someone that looks and sounds like him. Read more

Wednesday 12:06PM

I’ve been canceled, what, three or four times? Never bothered. If you allow it to have an effect on you, it will. Read more

Tuesday 2:14PM

I’ll tell you this much,... I will NEVER vote for Hunter Biden again... What’s that? Never ran for public office? Personal issues are well known? Not at all involved in the administration? Read more

Tuesday 1:26PM

I don’t think looking at a single average (not even a median) without looking at the distribution should allow you to make that kind of sweeping judgement. Read more

Tuesday 1:19PM

The “we” is Democratic leadership that boxed out progressive candidates and refused to bring progressive issues to a vote even when Democrats had a supermajority... That “we”... Read more

6/14/21 1:35PM

The fear of losing the centrist liberal is just one of the things that Democratic leadership uses as an excuse to avoid enacting widely popular policies like universal healthcare... Read more

6/10/21 1:56PM

So the oil companies paying elected officials to ignore or actively deny climate change for decades when the oil companies themselves KNEW the damage they were causing doesn’t merit any culpability? Read more