Jul 9

“In Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and many other countries, SCHOOLS ARE OPEN WITH NO PROBLEMS,” President Trump tweeted on Tuesday.
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Jun 12

Yeah it’s definitely obvious the interface was designed with a mouse in mind... I know a lot of players want more ‘stuff’ added to the game but a UI overhaul is at the top of my list - assuming that other stuff can be done alongside of course. That said, I’ve been playing since launch and even though I loved it then Read more

Jun 10

The initial Xbox Wire post announcing it didn’t say it was coming to Game Pass for PC, but they later edited it.

May 28

well...if you have windows then the microsoft store client is running in the background right now.

May 7

looks like every blurred face here has a mask on so you’re right about that

May 6

I was in SK during the swine flu scare and based on my experience then, I wasn’t surprised by how fast they reacted. It’s years ahead of the amateur circus show we have here in the U.S. 

Apr 29

It’s similar to 15 but I think 15 limited to really specific battles. These seem to trigger more frequently. I assumed it was for longer battles and boss fights.

Jan 8 2020

I don’t think the whole premise is “hot people shoot each other” (though there’s certainly some of that), but I do agree that always struck me the same way—inspired by Japanese mecha fiction but then made Korean for the sake of having a Korean character. Read more

Jan 8 2020

You can’t believe it because you’re privileged enough not to have to deal with the actual issues that the people who are made to wear these sorts of uniforms in real life have to deal with, and you’re also not empathetic enough to understand the perspective of another fellow human being, and how such a thing might Read more

Dec 17 2019

it is kinda funny that just a few years later, dark souls would come out and tell an entire story exclusively through database entries and everyone cums for that game

Aug 21 2019

this is exactly what i say in the video that didn’t finish being uploaded until after you made your comment. so i think we’re on to something! Read more

Jul 2 2019

Super cute. Man I wish this game’s combat didn’t have its sluggish pace. I love the way they captured so much FF nostalgia, but I just can’t bring myself to pay a sub when the fighting feels so chunky.
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Jul 2 2019

It’s not me the one being obtuse about the part I put between brackets, but that’s not here nor there, I guess. Read more