9:32 PM

I have ad block and I didn’t even hear about this game until like 2 days before it came out.
Seems interesting, but it also didn’t launch in any asian markets.

People in Korea wanted to play, but they can’t because there is no data center anywhere over here.  Couldn’t even connect past the tutorial.

5:57 PM

Well yeah when you launch the game from the store, the game has it’s own client launcher.
Still don’t follow the logic for various launchers on pc. Never bothered me, and since I use most of them I’ve gotten a ton of free games.

5:55 PM

Just get a ton of gold (3 years is the cap I guess) and then do a dollar trial to upgrade to gamepass.
You’ll have gamepass for 3 years and it really does have a large selection of stuff to play.

5:53 PM

I did it first day, did the entire pre-load right when I came home from work. Had it ready for about an hour before servers went up.

When the server was back from maintenance it was just like normal when I would login on my xbox.

My only issue is PC has some severe stuttering in the main lobby, and others on discord Read more

7:40 PM

I got this cheap on the ps4 for the VR novelty, and that was fun once in a while. But I wanted to try with a mouse and keyboard. The controller feels a little clunky at times.

I do enjoy the game though. Just nice to have a break and run around exploring.

I just hate some of the random planets have such terrible color Read more

9:53 AM

You say “a handful of players” Mike, but it kind of undercuts it because you could only be on one channel out of the many on the 3 different servers. Read more

3:19 AM

These are better and more interesting than whatever the hell is the new Uniqlo Pokemon UT shirt set designs.

3:18 AM

I’m curious, I see a lot of clips and stuff for this game, and it always looks incredibly blurry.
Is that a design choice? Does actual gameplay in person look this blurry or is it just one of those situations where it doesn’t record well?

11:26 PM

Even some places that use letter grades its confusing because is the C the focus of the joke.  When you add a plus suddenly there is sea bass (read like BASE) so is it a chemistry joke?  Is it a music related Bass?  These are the types of questions and reasons I saw on reddit and twitter.

7:33 PM

The pun was bad, and at least the other games acknowledged the irritating nature of sea bass.

This joke is constantly being asked to be explained on social media.  It was weak, and not interesting at all.  For the longest time I didn’t even full understand because there were so many levels it could have been taken and Read more

8:04 PM

Nah personally I don’t live in a big city. I’m right in the center of the country, the actual city lines are big, but the actual livable city part isn’t so big. My GF lives in Daejeon though so I’m there a lot.

In my parts I’m seeing more and more people out on the street without masks, but they don’t even get close to Read more

10:50 AM

The two stores in my area have been doing weekly raffles when their stock comes. You can sign up for a place and then will get notified of the date of your drawing. Read more

10:44 AM

As a person living in Korea I can tell you, despite the fact that it may not look okay from here, comparing our current situation to what’s happening back in the states, we’re pretty okay. Something like this would not be even allowed to happen if they didn’t think they had it under control. Read more

2:22 AM

So is this different than 15? Because in 15 I never really understood it, and I only ended up having the summon thing go off seemingly at random like 2 times in my entire play-through of that game.

7:17 PM

Saying ignore freelancer is a big mistake because they have the free mp and bp buff skills which are essential. Read more

10:49 PM

I had two villagers move in on one day. It was when I had a random person from an island move in, and the same day prior I also had talked with my amiibo character Kabuki to move in, so the next day they were both there moving in at the same time.

Not sure if it was a bug or what, I haven’t heard anyone else online Read more

10:54 AM

I bought it on PS4 so I could try with the PSVR I have.
So far it seems okay but I think it would be much better with mouse controls, so I’m not really regretting my purchase because I’m sure if it doesn’t immediately make me sick like skyrim did that this would be fun to mess around in vr.
But long term Idk how much Read more