Caleb "If a rally car can do it, so can my Malibu" M. S.
Apr 19 2017

Neat! Now where’s the browser extension that gets rid of infinite scrolling blog posts?

Jan 3 2017

Not a chance. VR is just getting warmed up.

Nov 1 2016

Honestly that would be amazing quality control. When you get your drone you see all the footage of the manufacturing so you can see if something might have went wrong that they could have missed (of course they would need to black out confidential parts). Or it could be for sentimental reasons like taking footage of Read more

Oct 4 2016

THIS WAS SO MUCH EASIER when you could just check your rearview for the distinctive Crown Vic headlights.

Oct 8 2013

There's plenty of three wheelers in that layout, and there are some inherent stability issues. Google "Clarkson Reliant Robin Top Gear" and you'll see.