Mar 28 2019

Obligatory mention of the CTS V-Wagon. The ultimate jalop machine, RWD V8 Manual Wagon.

Mar 28 2019

Not one person said Volvo 240 with an LS/T56 swap.

Jan 21 2019

Why do I get the feeling that everyone saying they want a third pedal never actually drove a manual in traffic for too long and would never manage to do it if they eventually have one..? Read more

Dec 10 2018

Republicans want to repeal Estate Taxes and I am here for it.

Dec 10 2018

Related, and mentioned in the first comment, I am always perplexed by the way guns behave in movies. A short list of craziness: Read more

Nov 26 2018

The people responsible for the apologizing have been sacked.  We apologize for this.

Sep 2 2018

Does that mean he’s not coming on then?

Sep 1 2018

I was about 10 years old, and playing Hot Wheels on the porch of our suburban South Jersey home, when I saw a UFO glide down the street.

Sep 1 2018

Back when I had first started college, I came across this Subaru 360 sitting behind a body shop in rural Connecticut. It was love at first sight. The car was in several shades of primer because they had used it for practice, or something, but it was complete. I knew about microcars, but this was the first one I had

Aug 31 2018

THAT is how a car should look when you put it up for sale. Read more

Aug 31 2018

One of the saddest CPs I've ever ticked.  I'd love something like this,  but at 190+ 6500 is just too much money..

Jun 9 2018

All the reviews are like that. Yrs 1-3 are the honeymoon period. After that, it becomes a sad abusive relationship.

Jun 8 2018

So go around and spray those vintage Willies Jeeps at concours events to check authenticity.

Jun 3 2018

I hope the guy specifically asked for that body style of Altima, because otherwise this just comes off as slightly half-assed and cheap of Offset, especially when there’s a Rolls Royce in the corner of the picture.

Apr 5 2018

Your great great grandchildren are ecstatic with anticipation.

Apr 5 2018

Waiting for the day this is referred to as the XV10 and goes for $80,000.

Mar 16 2018

How come you think your 2005 car “may not last much longer”? Read more

Jan 27 2018

I have always wanted, since learning about the Confederacy, to build one of these with Old Glory on the roof and call it the General Grant. For the lolz.