I like blitzing up cans of chipotles in adobo until the puree is near homogenous and able to be strained into a container. One of my uses for said chipotle puree are hot dogs with a cream cheese-chipotle sauce, pico de gallo, pickled jalapeno and just a touch of grated cotija. If I’m feeling frisky, I’ll give the Read more

the Bureau of Criminal Investigation concluded that “deputies had miscounted the amount seized during the raid itself,” Read more

The problem is that Nutflex gets their customers’ money regardless of whether or not they choose to watch transphobic content, which has started making a home for itself on the platform. Dave Chappelle is cashing checks from their fees. Sending a message that transphobia is unacceptable and will always be met with Read more

I just have to tune out anyone who uses the word “sando.” Read more

In a perfect world...but it’s a little stalkery finding the profile in the first place. Better to do the note thing and leave your details.
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I feel dumber for having read this article. Read more

At this point, I wouldn’t surprised if it were revealed that the Dowager is actually an 800 year old vampire with designs on the throne. It wouldn’t be any less plausible than many of the later plot lines.
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“...he may of collapsed...”    Something’s wrong here.
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...They did? I mean there were reviews for positive episodes, but even back then I think the reception of the finale was pretty negative by the site writers at the time.
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This may be an obvious one, but actually know what you want to order before you pull up to the speaker. Read more

Is there anyway I could get my takeout with no herbs? Read more

You’ll never guess which AV Club writer showed up to write a snotty article about a band who was invited to perform a set raising human-rights awareness in war-torn Kiev. Read more

I don’t know, I think the least they could do is release an album directly on to the phones of Putin and his cronies
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This sort of raisin propaganda just makes me miss Allison Robicelli even more. I share her righteous hatred of these failed grapes. Read more

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are like everything that makes oatmeal raisin cookies great, but without those awful raisins. Raisins should stay where they belong, like in potato salad. Read more

Oooh, doing this in Florida was an especially bad idea. That state’s legal system is exceptionally uptight about cannabis already, and now you’re dosing people without their knowledge? They’re gonna throw the book at this lady and then write a new book and throw it as well. Read more

I like how, of all the subject/object disagreements, incorrect conjugations, and inappropriate apostrophes, the thing that finally broke the Volunteer Proofreader was treating a number as a listed adjective.  Read more

I’m going to pretend this isn’t a troll because it’s a good discussion to have. Read more

That's such a rude thing to say! His cause of death hasn't even been released yet, but even if it was an overdose, 1. There's no need to call anyone rude words like junkie and 2. One's sobriety is nobody's responsibility but their own.  Read more