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Actually, as any even moderately educated student of history knows, “Man” is short for “Manfried” which is old Gaelic for “witch-hunter”. Read more

Girls rule. Women are funny. Get over it. Read more

So hypnosis is real—just not in the way you might think it is, or the way pop media has, and probably will continue, to portray it. Read more

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Gasp! He dismissed my reply to him explaining that I couldn’t find peer reviewed research backing his point!

Seeing you posting here on Jezebel is like seeing Elvis performing in a hotel cocktail bar. Read more

As others have pointed out, him doing so would be basically signing the death warrant for his tour guide. Read more

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Yeah, it’s my understanding that the way hip 1920's lingo went, “hungry” meant ambitious and “thirsty” meant horny. Read more

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As long as you’re level 8 or higher you can still take out portals solo. Read more