Kotaku isn’t long for this world, I think. Read more

People still like games that are, you know, actual games. Election Year Knockout is timely and hilarious, if you need a break from all the skinner boxes. Read more

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We showed off this wonderful nonsense at PAX and had lines out our booth all four days.

93% audience score as of this writing begs to disagree with you.
Edit:Fine, you got me. I just must not trust Kotaku anymore I guess. Read more

I’m so glad I use an ad blocker on this site. Read more

GDPR is a huge burden. It considers even anonymized data as personally identifiable, including IP ranges, player ID numbers, even hashed and salted e-mail addresses for sign-up purposes. Further, the law puts the burden of /proving/ someone consented on the developers, meaning we ironically have to keep PII in order Read more

I believe this. We’re a four-person company OUTSIDE the EU and we have still spent about $4000 in man-hours trying to adapt to the stupid GDPR law. Fun fact: The law requires us to retain /more/ personal information than we did before, because we have to store every time a person consents to their (previously) Read more

Kotaku, getting a gaming pc is not a thing divided by racial lines. I saw a black BSU student buy a $1500 piece of audio equipment by doing odd jobs outside of class on otherwise zero disposable income. He ate spaghetti for a few months and was able to afford the thing, because he loved making music and wanted the Read more

I don’t even know why I continue to read Kotaku anymore. Every week there’s at least one article like this, completely biased, reflexive, and not researched. Every week I visit the site less and less. I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees this, even if these comments remain hidden. Read more

Anyone who’s modeled characters will tell you the hilarious results of symmetry. You typically model one half and copy it over. A few vertexes in the middle of that seam slightly higher than they should be? Instant unintentional genitalia. Read more

So, I have to ask, If Conan brought Rousey on for this skit but punched her in the crotch, would this article have a less whimsical tone? Read more

If we ever need a paradox to destroy AIs in the coming war, this sexism and racism stuff will suffice. Read more

Game artist here. Fantastic article. Hair is hard. We don’t have it right for white people, either. Rarely ever will you find my towheaded straight-haired gentleman’s cut in a video game (and to my Japanese colleagues, I’ll say no it’s not supposed to be yellow either). It really is as much a technological problem as Read more

Honestly, let us play however. I’m personally better on a pad than on a mouse. If the mode of input is truly that more important than player skill, I’m sure Matchmaking will separate the players in short order. Read more

I haven’t seen so much “get politics out of my games” as I’ve seen “get politics out of games reporting.” At least when it’s not topical. Read more