Nov 12

Glad Piwigo was mentioned. I’ve been self-hosting my own Piwigo site since Flickr changed their terms. Piwigo has plenty of extra functionality for location, faces, and much more. Bonus is the same hosting also carries my Drupal site, Hubzilla social site Webtrees family tree.

Sep 24

Is this a joke? I hope so. Because your reference of the dumbing down of America is pretty humorous by the amount of stupidity in your comment. Just because the One X is discontinued doesn’t mean you can’t buy it anywhere or retailers don’t still sell them anymore. They haven’t all magically vanished into thin air.... Read more

Sep 24

I can’t believe they decided to go with this branding. When you’re only putting out a new console every 3-7 years, why not just bump the number like Sony did with PlayStation? The original came out *26* years ago and is still a powerful brand/numbering system.

Jul 31

Here’s a question: Where does everyone keep their cash for a down payment on a Home? Sounds simple but if its over $200k just for a downpayment, keeping it in a regular savings account seems foolish during these Covid times, or any time for that matter. 

Jul 30

It’s depressing that these things are true, but they are. When I moved into a new job as a reporter, I switched my byline over to my initials for a couple of reasons, mostly privacy (I’d had problems with stalker-ish behavior at my previous position). The unintended byproduct was that most people assumed I was male Read more

Jun 25

If you like the flavors of the big name brands, a pinch of ground celery seed adds a subtle flavor, it is used in all of the Big Name pork sausage, Jimmy Dean, Odom, Purnell and others. If you don’t like white pepper substitute black pepper. Another hint, ground cayenne adds heat, but if you want sharp punctuation use Read more

Apr 28

This may be some of the best advice you (or anyone else dispensing it regarding the kitchen) have ever given. Read more

Apr 9 2020

and young healthy people are much more susceptible to cytokine storm as they tend to be healthier and have stronger immune systems. It was a major component of young people dying from the 09 H1N1 pandemic.

Apr 9 2020

well that’s scary. i’ve making elderberry tea for a while.

Mar 10 2020

We never keep unencrypted data, said every credit card, email, and other security company that’s been hacked and gave up their users data over the past 20 years.

Mar 9 2020

Cool... so they have a screenshot of some random authenticator codes but no username or password or any way to control which codes they screenshot. Forgive me if I’m willing to wait for google to update the app in a few days with a fix.

Mar 9 2020

I mean a down market seems like a pretty good time to buy some stock for the rebound

Feb 29 2020

I am on board here. I once had a “overdraft”incident but it was in the dark ages (Barnett Bank mid nineties) before online banking was a thing. Read more

Feb 19 2020

“Because putting your tax refund on a gift card means that you’ll spend it on new purchases instead of using the money to pay down debt, build up your emergency fund, or save for the future.”

By the same logic, screw your 401k match! You’re just locking up your money that could have been used to pay down debt! Right?
Read more

Oct 21 2017

If it’s a monthly occurance you go IN the bank in person and ask nicely and they will. They have the power to waive them all but usually if you’re a regular they wont on the phone (except, if you overdraft and use your card like 3 times and get 3 in a day they may waive 2 of the 3). But face to face when you let them Read more