Oct 7

I just turned 44, it stuns me that with the exception of the grey hairs that I have, he is actually younger than I am! Read more

Sep 23

These sorts of things aren’t always simple and clear-cut about the causes, and there’s also that Perlmutter might’ve been standing in the way of paying the actors what they were worth. Read more

Sep 23

No interest in the Snyder Cut but that’s good if the studio and Fisher can mend fences. Certainly wouldn't be uncharted territory considering everyone in the MCU was ready to walk at the end of their original deals due to Perlmutter and the Committee until Feige won the power struggle and all of a sudden, Chris Evans Read more

Sep 23

I’m with you. Every generation has a few specific people that everyone else is aspiring to look like. Fine. Trends are always going to come and go.

But looking at these young people now... It appears they’re all trying to become a cross between a blow up doll and an alien.

Sep 23

I’m all for it if it makes you happy..I had a facelift 19 years ago and I loved it and got a lot of mileage out of it. It was a very natural looking job done by Dr Dan Baker in NYC. I was about fifty at the time and I got to be thirty eight again, which was lots of fun.

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Sep 17

As a public library employee, I agree with your sentiment. But let me also say, it’s been a really shit year with a lot of disappointments. Having just one thing I was looking forward to actually pan out would have been nice.

Sep 15

He was screen sharing his phone and at the end his photo album screen (where you see your photos in whatever x whatever tile format)  popped up and there it was along side some other random photos. He apparently was unaware about or forgot to move the photo to the hidden folder

Aug 8

Beat me to it! Corn Love and Corn Love Forever has been my Playstation theme for nearly a decade now haha. It drives plenty of discussion (mostly confused).

Plus, that sexy sax music!

Aug 7

This has been my PS background since the PS3. It’s just a slowly revolving corncob, occasionally being gently brushed with butter. I don’t know who made it or why, but it soothes me. We are all the corn.

Aug 5

It’s because they believe that deep down everyone is as terrible as they know they themselves are.

Aug 5

Mr. Jacoby was arrested on voter fraud charges in 2008 while he was doing work for the California Republican Party, and he later pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor. Read more

Aug 5

He’s actually just a gay fish. Here’s an inside look into his first campaign meeting:

Aug 5

Arms was far from the best studio out there but I do have some fondness for their stuff. I wouldn’t revisit a lot of it but back in 2004 everybody was talking about Elfen Lied and La Blue Girl is still a pretty infamous hentai. I’m a little sad to see them go.