Sep 24

I love SG-1 but they messed up a number of times in different episodes and only got out of it via plot armor

Aug 10

I love IV but I’m not sure it would have worked so well without II and III having happened. The three together make a great trilogy.

Aug 10

Good on them for calling out the school on its BS.

Jun 30

I’m not a fan of paying for channels i don’t watch, but my main reason for ditching cable was the box rental fees and taxes. I think my limit is going to be about $75 a month. Once they hit and past that amount I will have to leave. I might leave sooner if another service has better live tv options for the same or Read more

Jun 5

Ito fun to collect something. To hold it in your hands. To someday pass it on to a fellow collector. The item feels more real to me when I can touch it, see it, smell it.

Apr 16

After they die from the virus, may beautiful flowers grow in the places these people are laid to rest.

Mar 29

waffles for me because i always wait until im really hungry to eat. Frozen waffles (Eggo) require very little prep time. i can pop in toaster and be eatting them within 3 min. Read more

Mar 27

AV was the Hospital the urgent care that wouldn’t help, told him to go to. The urgent care clinic is the bad guy in this and I want to to know which one it was.

Feb 26

At this point they should just go full Gremlins 2 on this movie.

Feb 14

I agree with you. I have found kind and accepting people in just about every place I have looked. I think it takes a lot of guts to stand up against hate. If someone is doing that, they have my support 100%. I should have worded it better. I was more interested in the challenges they face and what motivates them in try Read more

Feb 11

I hope you don’t take offense as none is intended. Why Portland? Were you born in Portland or did you move to it. If you moved to it why did you choose one of the most historically racist cities in the US to move too? Portland was developed as a white utopia and to this day is one of if not the whitest city in Read more

Jan 22

I while I hope it does I don’t think that the impeachment itself will be successful in getting Trump out. I don’t think the Dems do either. What this whole trial is doing however is putting Republicans in the Senate on the record for ignoring and/or covering up the evidence. Read more

Jan 10 2020

I hope it’s not just a name drop. I would love if she is a mole and is already Batgirl but I’ll also accept her taking on the mantle at a later time.

Jan 10 2020

I’ve seen this kind of thing happen with kids before; they misunderstand each other and, rather than talk it out, they make assumptions about what the other one is doing and it turns into a fight.” Read more

Dec 20 2019

A season or two and they should be fine. They need to have one hell of a story to push it much further then that. Read more