Buzz Aldrin

Yeah, I’d like McDonald’s to have a veggie patty. If you don’t eat meat, you can pretty much only get french fries there. Not enough to make a meal, which is why you’ll find me at the Taco Bell next door chowing down on a fiesta veggie burrito and a pair of spicy potato soft tacos. Read more

I wonder if Smokers Allowed was the catalyst for this series. Absolutely incredible stuff. Read more

yeah the fascists definitely would’ve been cool with being “forcibly confined to their homes.” it’s not like they have shown up armed to state and national capitols before to protest that very thing. Read more

funny that you view “is too poor to do these things” as a refusal Read more

Michigan also has no-fault insurance. This is how things could shake out for the unfortunate cyclist in that case. Read more

It sounds an awful lot like you are saying stick to cars. Read more

I used to drive a wheelchair-accessible minivan as part of a non-emergency medical transportation company. Picture the kind of outfit you call when you need to get Nana to her doctor’s appointment but you can’t fit her wheelchair in your Camry and you don’t want to take half a day off work to drive her from the Read more

As someone who just dropped a not insignificant chunk of change on a battery for my solar panel array, I am ready for some of these out of service auto batteries to start working their way downstream. Read more

Exactly this. The mustang isn't yours, so give it to your brother. Then you can have your fancy new Jeep and one (1) winter beater. Get the full doors because you are already worrying about resale value. Get air conditioning because it gets hot and muggy in Michigan summers. Enjoy your new ride. Read more

What part of $110,000 isn't financially painful already? Read more

The Valiant just broke down. You wrote a whole article about how it resulted in the totaling of an innocent motorist's vehicle. Read more

The “don’t steal speakers” take is a bad one because it basically says that poor people should be content staring at a blank wall for entertainment and should eat nothing but nutraloaf for sustenance. Read more

Yeah I'm pretty sure a "dampener" is when you turn your rear window sprayer backwards to squirt unsuspecting tailgaters Read more

Muskrats come out in droves any time their favorite welfare recipient is maligned. Read more

Of course it does. It also includes a full self driving system that actually works as advertised instead of one that is just hype. Will this vision of the future ever come to pass? Probably not, but a man can dream. Read more

Yeah, ideally the cars will communicate with each other in such a way that most traffic laws become obsolete. 200mph could be just as safe as 20mph if every car knows what every other car is doing. Read more fewer animal products? Do you really need to eat meat 3 meals a day? Read more

Why do we even have "no fly" lists if not for the flight attendant punchers and gun bringers? Read more