Jan 13 2017

Former Pennsylvanian here. Stay strong! I’m working to convince all of my friends and family that still lives in the commonwealth to leave messages for both Toomy and Casey. Have you tried their DC offices? I had to call the D.C. line for my state representatives to get through to them.

Jan 10 2017

Heh, it’s all good. I’m not a native Minnesotan. A lot of folks here ask me where I’m from, as my accent is a Pennsylvania/New Jersey mix!

Dec 28 2016

Yeah, I have to wonder if they mean people on the left instead of Democrats. Because I do know some super left wing folks who would believe in that bullshit.

Dec 23 2016

There’s an awesome picture of me having a freakout in Santas lap while my sister give me the best side eye a 2 year old can give. She was usually the persnickety baby, which makes it even better.

Dec 16 2016

Agreed. I prefer to fly with Southwest. They aren’t perfect, but I love the 2 free bags thing. I almost always check in right at the 24 hour make so I can get an A boarding group, or I splurge and get an early bird check in. Plus I love that you get a free alcoholic drink on the holidays!

Dec 11 2016

I’m on the train riding home and Jeff Buckleys version of Hallujah shuffled on while I read this story. I’m trying so hard not to cry. God, this year...

Dec 9 2016

It took us 4 hours to get back to my aunts place in Bethesda. 4.freaking.hours. My aunt and I walked about a mile to find a metro station that didn’t have a line. We couldn’t call anyone because the phone lines were jammed. We ended up in a Safeway, trying to get warm. Read more

Dec 9 2016

Agreed. This is going to be a logistical nightmare. I remember Obamas first inauguration. It was a shitshow. Its obvious that this protest is being planned by folks who are not from DC.