Burners Baby Burners: Discussion Inferno

Freestyle? This seems more like a Pepsi Spire type of thing.

The deluxe version is the one that adds lettuce, tomato, and mayo, which makes much more sense. The regular QPC would be weird with mayo. Read more

Around my parts, it was feast or famine with the mac sauce for a long time, but they had gotten it together pretty well... until now, where it’s all sauce. I like the sauce but it’s not supposed to be the main ingredient. Read more

What’s weird is how little that burger needs it, it’s juicy enough without globs. I’m guessing they just don’t train the employees to aim for a reasonable amount, dry burgers like the Whopper need more but the deluxe QPC doesn’t need much at all.  Read more

I tried a Big Mac last week just to see what the fuss was about. Read more

I’m not surprised at all. During COVID lockdown, I decided to make a copycat that used all these and it was like Mac sauce on steroids. The biggest change was ACV instead of white vinegar, and dill relish because that’s all I have in this household — in hindsight I should have added sugar, it's absence likely added to Read more

Anything to get people not to notice the owner’s small... brain. Read more

Ohhh, that’s what it is alright. Explains why it looks like someone took a dump inside. Read more

With the dogshit quality of that lift kit, diamond plate front bumper, aftermarket radio, and the gauges in the A-pillar, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn the tint was made of oatmeal and the engine mounts made of LEGO Technic. This thing is all red flags, naturally it sold in Texas. Read more

All the cool cars in my family were owned by the women. My mom and dad when they were together had an RX-3 wagon, so I guess technically that counts as his. Read more

I wanted to give props for a fun idea at a cheap price, but that side view is rough. NO DICE. Read more

I’d like to know what the ficus thought of all this. Read more

Oof, those square headlights do that face no favors, it seems like Isuzu just said “cram ‘em in anywhere”. Deleting the grill’s style to get those rectangular lights in there hurts bad. Read more

What the hell is this take? I know there’s need for clickbait, but come on. Your lead graphic is a gif showing his foot getting snared up in the pedal as it’s going down trying to stand up on the bike. It’s pretty pathetic trying to drum up drama to get eyes on your article, you succeeded with this but at the cost of Read more

Yup, most adults are lactose-intolerant to some degree, so it helps, and without lactose sugar to feed off of, the bacteria cannot replicate in it, so it lasts exceptionally long. When I was living alone, I’d toss the last of the milk after a few months only because it’d pick up too much fridge stink. Read more

Selling a milk that’s a few days away from going bad is not really improving food waste, it’s merely improving the supermarket’s bottom line by selling more nearly-expired milk it otherwise would have to get rid of. They’re hoping someone will pay for it and then throw it out when it goes bad, which they expect to be Read more

That’s the brand’s main logo from 1996 through their death. Read more

Totally agreed. He’s catfishing himself, not recognizing that it’s very good at creating new, human-like language to regurgitate ideas it’s seen elsewhere and tailoring it to match the input it’s getting from the user. It’s like ELIZA on steroids. Read more

I can never forgive them for this