6/19/15 2:04PM

Did it ever occur to him maybe she didn’t worry about looking hot when she went for THERAPY?? Read more

6/19/15 1:52PM

Can we talk about the real tragedy of this piece, which is that it is so hard and scary and difficult to get yourself to go to therapy in the first place, that the absolute last thing you need is to worry about your therapist judging you and your clothes and appearance, talking about it with his coworkers, and writing Read more

6/19/15 1:20PM

There are a lot of concerns that featuring the shooter so prominently gives him exactly the notoriety that he wants, lends a bit of legitimacy to the wacko fringe viewpoints the killer holds, and can inspire copycat crimes. I think the Post and Courier cover is beautifully done, and the choice to focus on the victims Read more

6/19/15 1:16PM

maybe a nitpicky point but i am glad they are focusing on the victims in the news rather than the shooter. he deserves no attention. he is not special. he is a racist murderer that deserves a fair trial and then to be put away for the rest of his life. nothing more. Read more

6/19/15 1:16PM

“Why not publish a photo of Dylann Roof, the racist shooter of those nine victims? Don’t bury the lede.” Read more

6/19/15 1:14PM

The fact that Stormfront and Fox News are both pushing the “War on Christians” narrative is both deeply disturbing, yet completely unsurprising.

6/18/15 1:22PM

Nice to see Milton Bradley is taking it easy in retirement.

6/18/15 11:58AM

Road trip to South Carolina to fucking shimmy up that flag pole to shit on that fucking flag and then fucking burn it and then fucking throw it in that dumb fucking Governor’s face.

6/18/15 11:54AM

Don’t be embarrassed! So much music and not enough time and money to get it all. As for Throwing Muses, any of those 80s albums are good (the self-titled first one, House Tornados, etc.) and the early 90s stuff like The Real Ramona as well. These are all when Tanya Donnelly was still playing with them too. :) Read more

6/18/15 9:47AM

I read a great piece yesterday (which I could find it) that basically said that the listeners were mad because they’re all prissy white people who think they’re above such banal things as knowing who Kim Kardashian is, and the show didn’t kowtow to them and pretend she isn’t immensely relevant to pop culture. Amanda Read more

6/17/15 9:54PM

If only someone would think of the children, maybe there would be less of them.

6/17/15 9:23PM

Charlize Theron: You dodged a bullet, girl. And thankfully didn’t have to use one on that wifebeater Penn.

6/17/15 6:29PM

Uh, this can't be real. Is this like that phase when you're 19 and you think both parties are exactly the same so you declare yourself an anarchist?

6/15/15 11:59AM

While I’ve never killed anybody or started a land war in Russia, I still feel I’m qualified to pass judgement on Adolf Hitler.