Jun 8 2017

Don’t forget The Adventure Zone, the D&D podcast by the McElroy brothers (of My Brother, My Brother and Me fame). It’s a fanart-generating juggernaut itself, and despite being played by 4 straight, white men, is very LGBT friendly in its characters and themes.

May 10 2017

“As a dad with a daughter”. Way to see you really go above and beyond for her, sport. I’d hate to waste two hours of my life empowering my very own flesh and blood.

May 10 2017

Here’s the thing: most of Trump’s base aren’t screaming racists who spend their days on Yahoo flooding the comment section; Read more

Apr 25 2017

It’s almost like Commerce Content is independent of Editorial and Advertising?

It’s almost like Commerce Content is independent of Editorial and Advertising?

Apr 21 2017

I realize this reveals that I am cynical as fuck, but my only question is, is this guy running against a pro-choice candidate? Read more

Apr 19 2017

This series just further illustrates Lebron’s genius. That 2 seed was no accident.

Apr 12 2017

Why doesn’t the NBA mind the player-for-a-day thing when it comes to Derrick Rose?

Apr 6 2017

I looked into the PSLF program as my wife is a teacher and would (or at least should) qualify for complete loan forgiveness after the 120 monthly payments. However, all of her loans were on a repayment plan that was 120 months, meaning that by the time she had made the required payments, the loans would have been Read more

Mar 16 2017

Rice bags work too. I have the world’s coldest feet, so I know these things ;)

Mar 15 2017

Actually, what Trump/his accountants did to get that nearly 1 billion dollar write off was very unique and not an intended loophole (if there is such a thing). Read more

Mar 7 2017

Wouldn’t the proper Christian/Jesus application of this principle be that Chaffetz shouldn’t buy an iPhone, but instead give that money to people more needy than him?

Feb 21 2017

Clipping coupons is tedious and time-consuming if you’re out to save any appreciable amount of money. I’d never dream of trying to force my spouse into doing it unless it was already one of his hobbies. If clipping coupons is so important to you, why don’t you do it yourself and give the coupons to her? (Assuming Read more