Shady Balkan Subject, Drives an Alfa
11:44 AM

So a Land Rover Discovery??? I thought Ford and Land Rover parted ways?

11:29 AM

They both Ott to thank their lucky stars that they were fine.

11:55 PM

Already, bonus question straight from nowhere, from literally no one:

12:22 PM

And this is exactly why 99% of modern super/hypercars bore me. What exactly is the point if the only way to appreciate their abilities is to have access to a handful of huge racetracks? It’s just a store of a value for the uber-rich. It’s the bitcoin of cars. Oh sure, people could use it as intended, but no one does. 

12:11 PM

It’s an engineering triumph the same way that a machine that can instantly cover a corn dog in 24K rose gold would be: technically impressive, but a fundamentally stupid and useless way to shout how rich you are.”

Every day Jason finds a new and impressive way to make me incredibly proud to work with him. I adore this Read more

4:33 PM

Personally, I think Finn and Poe are just bros in the painfully close way that two frat bros, who have very stunted understanding of interpersonal relationships, jive with one another. It’s not romantic, it’s just awkward and very intense as friendship bonds go. I think that fits especially for Finn, who had a lot of Read more

3:14 PM

This article is too hip for me.

Lost me after the 3rd photo, too much cringe.

9:36 PM

Having worked on both games (the lightsaber combat and Force powers), it wounded me when LucasFilm decanonized Kyle Katarn. In my mind, he still was involved with stealing the Death Star plans in some way. I was really hoping he would be in Rogue One.

12:13 PM

“hype for games should always be managed and don’t blindly believe in things just because the previous ones were great.” Read more

4:22 PM

Glad this has been addressed. Once the Lada 2101 was introduced, that was THE car to aspire to. The Moskvitch was a consolation prize (albeit less so than a Zaporozhets), although getting your hands on anything given the supply constraints was a blessing. My grandpa got an ‘87 IZH Kombi brand new, owing to his Read more

11:13 AM

Personally, I like that they’re not faking Russian accents, since it usually comes across as cartoonist. I suppose Russian actors would have been a good idea, but, then you have to find enough that can speak English well enough to really pull off all the parts. Read more

3:28 AM

A lot of people has already said it lately, but it’s worthy to be repeated: this trend will make piracy skyrocket, and it will be the sole fault of greedy corporations. A lot of people, myself included, are up to pay for legal ways for getting content, but there’s a ceiling of reasonability that is about to be broken. Read more

10:24 AM

I have no issue with what Dre did because 1) It was a donation made publicly so at least people can be aware of the potential causal link between his donation, and his daughter’s admission and 2) I think it’s an acceptable quid pro quo, because that amount he’s given can enhance the experiences of other students, so Read more

10:26 AM

These cars led second and third lives as taxi cabs in Africa. Because of how sturdy and well engineered they were. They weren’t very competitive in the US because Peugeot did not care about the US and focussed all their resources on other markets. They were never designed with the US in mind. Read more