Shady Balkan Subject, Drives an Alfa
1:54 PM

A little correction Jason, as a ex-Lada owner and a guy living in an ex-Communist country - Moskvich 2140 was never a step up from the the 2101, even though it launched 6 years after the Lada. The Moskvitch was an utter shite car, the 2101 was a much more modern design, just by association of being a Fiat 124 Read more

4:48 PM

Yakuza is literally the only series outside Uncharted, that I wanted to get a PS console as a PC gamer. And now I will be able to play a lot of them on my PC and I can’t be more happy.

4:46 PM

As a Bulgarian, I never liked our entry on the premise, that it was created specifically for Eurovision. The song was somewhat catchy, musically pleasing and with good choreography, but it showed as one created in lab.
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2:43 PM

Vettel was on much worse tires. The Softs he was on, had some wear and he would lose a lot on the restart. For some reason the softer compounds were performing amazingly. Ferrari made mistake to even bring him. Lewis was absolutely struggling on the Softs so they should have played the cat and mouse game with Read more

10:27 AM

Oh, Easter Europe is the worst and it is not just neo-Nazis. Common people like to indulge into pseudo-racist, ha-ha is is only jokes stick and I hate it. And some do it subconsciously, it doesn’t even register that it can be not right. But for the outsiders it is, yep, those racist Easter Europeans.