Built For Greed
Mar 9

This will be part of Amazon Prime. If you have a subscription, there is no additional cost. From your post, it sounds like you were watching your client’s son’s account anyway. What the hell are you complaining about?

Mar 9

I mean, they have a free streaming catalogue like Netflix, Hulu, or HBOMax do; they just also provide the ability to rent or purchase stuff that isn’t in the free catalogue. Stuff costs money to license; they can’t just provide everything.

Mar 9

He was 18 and has discussed at length how he has recognized his own racism. This is a disingenuous argument. 

Mar 9

I get the overall sentiment but I have seen Black women, including activists like Patrisse Cullors and Brittany Packnett Cunningham, say they felt heard and their experiences represented in that interview because of Meghan Markle talking about the racism she endured and the ways she was dismissed and disrespected. And Read more

Mar 7

This is insane. The original BHC is the rare action-comedy that excels amazingly at both.

Mar 7

You have stiff competition, but I do believe I’ve never seen an article, with this many good points, interspersed with so many terrible ones.

Disparaging Trading Places and the original Beverly Hills Cop is not how one gets taken seriously in this or any town. 30 years on, I still don’t understand why white people Read more

Mar 4

The man’s hilarious as hell. You’re right that he may not be regarded in the same way as some of the other people. But he’s hilarious as hell. 

Mar 2

When Disney management decided to change the name of the film from Basil of Baker Street to The Great Mouse Detective, that prompted one wit in the animation department to circulate a “memo” detailing other title changes:

Feb 27

Just FYI, you’re replying to a known troll who weirdly impersonates a long-time AV Club commenter with the same name.  You’re better off dismissing his post.

Feb 25

At one point, they shoot a rectal exam from the rectum’s perspective. It may be the defining image of a film so far up its own ass.” Read more

Feb 20

What made Metallica the biggest dicks taking Napster down was they didn’t just go after Napster but also sued and arrested kids who downloaded music on the file-sharing software and then repurposed Napster as an online music store, charging anywhere from $3.99-$9.99 per SONG.