D. Skye
Apr 9

Pendley recently implied in online chats that the ugly riot that killed five people hadn’t gone quite far enough. Read more

Apr 9

Really, $1 billion is chunk of change compared with what Egypt lost while the Ever Given was jammed in the Suez Canal, blocking all traffic. Egypt lost $95 million in transit fees alone during the six-day closure. Read more

Apr 7

Did you watch the video? I’m pretty sure she’s something other than a white woman.

Apr 6

Ah yes, the flareside. For the person who thinks the standard Ranger bed holds too much cargo.

Apr 5

On the plus side, the rest of the family went on to enjoy a four-day overbearing-Dad-less vacation of a lifetime!

Apr 5

This seems like an odd answer to me. Sure stainless steel does not take paint well but if you just want to make it non reflecting then brushed satin finish is the way to go. Read more

Apr 3

It still just feels to me like giving people (without any training) an 830 horsepower vehicle with bad visibility that weighs as much as a Class 3 truck and can hit 60 mph in a little over 3 seconds is a recipe for disaster. I give it like two weeks before somebody ‘Watts for Freedoms’ over a family in a crosswalk.

Apr 2

As a Florida Republican, this most definitely improves his re-election chances. 

Apr 2

The Republican party is such a shit-show. Forget Comet Ping Pong and check Matt Gaetz’s basement... Gaetzgate is the real story. 

Apr 2

I would want to know how they would handle a non-celebrity involved in the same crash. Would that person be given the same consideration for their privacy? If so, I agree there’s no reason to treat Woods differently. If he’s getting special treatment, though, I have an issue with that.

Apr 2

Also this is just screaming to the tide pod eating community to start new TikToks and snaps of themsleves eating the afterproduct.

Mar 30

Most EVs are super fast off of the line but my turbo’d Subaru feels so much faster cause it’s so tricked out with suspension and hearing the turbo and engine scream just adds to it. Read more