As I've said, my problem with the movie is not the ending. Superman has killed Zod in the comics before. My problem was the Pa Kent Tornado scene. That was just stupid. Read more

If people want to play the games I don’t see a problem. You aren’t forced to interact with them in any way. NNow the scam games, those are a problem.
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Surprisingly, I kinda don’t care because I can just ignore all the bullshit games and buy what I actually feel like. Read more

You betcha.

EXACTLY! I’m not exactly being swamped with American pop culture with non-white leads who are empowered by discovering their own cultural traditions. What we do get with monotonous regularity is non-white cultures being used as set dressing for the empowerment of yet another white guy — think Avatar without the Smurfy Read more

Sure, but it’s nowhere near as fucked-up as yet again having non-white cultures used as set dressing for some white guy’s empowerment. It was bullshit in 1974, and it’s not improved with age.
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I’m for Bernie because I feel his record on issues of equality easily trounce those of the latest Clinton oligarch to angle for the White House. Read more

I respect your theory but as a fellow black person, I remember that MLK and those who marched with him were told it was impossible to get the vote, or to end Jim Crow, or to get many of the rights we currently enjoy. I understand your ‘pragmatism’, but I don’t believe that being pragmatic in today’s world will change Read more

I was in the barbershop this weekend and there are so many black folks that haven’t done thier homework on the Clintons it is scary. Most of the conversations I had with Clinton supporters were just talking points for the 90s about Bill being the “1st black president” and when you bring up NAFTA, private prison Read more

People have been questioning why white rural evangelicals vote against their interests for decades - it’s been a large focus of political and cultural analyses. Read more

We need to end the school-to-prison pipeline Read more

I’m baffled by this myself. My GF says its because way too many of ‘us’ aren’t doing our homework and voting solely on name recognition and who our pastor says to vote for. I don’t totally disagree. Read more

nice article! I remember loving the cutman minigame in Fight Night Round 2. It is a shame that they cut out the cutman (in the game and in combat sports in general). Fight Night Round 2 had such a unique feeling to it, since it seemed like only half (or less) of the game was about actually fighting your opponent. Read more

Yes but you see, performing Dramatic Pause gives Batman a + 10 boost in Plot Armot, which is absolutely necessary against Supes.
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The problem is, we’ve gotten to the point where we even -need- reminders that games/entertainment isn’t a free and god-given right. And still folks bitch, because we’ve not only made it easy to do, but with developers stepping out from behind the brand name and making themselves accessible, the typical entitled Read more

I at least give Ridley Scott credit for being honest, unlike other directors talking about trying to be multicultural, or ambiguous sources. It’s just really sad that he’s completely right. Read more

The thing about Tonto is that, unlike most “ethnic” characters in old TV and movies, he was just about always played by actual Native American or First Nations actors in live action (and sometimes in animation, e.g. Ivan Naranjo in the Filmation cartoon from the late ‘70s). Depp was actually the first white actor ever Read more