I’m a long-time MoS hater here, but these answers managed to reignite my raging distaste for this movie. God damn it, Snyderman. You are not the director we need, but the director we deserve... Read more

Personally I can’t really understand people who blame Steam for shovelware. PC games have always had that problem, it’s just the nature of being the more open-ended platform. People just notice it more now because Steam is so widely used. But boy, if you saw some of the garbage I was playing back in the 90's on my Read more

Definitely agreed. I didn’t mean to imply that it was equally bad, just that it’s its own cliche (I’m sure that Shang Chi’s resemblance to Bruce Lee in that cover is no accident). Read more

Not to mention Marvel’s already got a “Mystical Asian Kung Fu Guy” character with Shang-Chi. Given the way they’ve approached the Netflix shows so far, it would hardly be a stretch if the Iron Fist show also introduced this character, seeing as they have both been Heroes for Hire in the past. And yeah, having an Asian

Well I don’t want this to come across badly but, I mean... It is kinda important? Mainly in how it plays into the Iron Fist/Power Man dynamic? Which I think a lot of people will agree is the best part of a lot of those Heroes for Hire comics? They’re a classic odd-couple. Different backgrounds, different opinions, Read more

I like your username and I love your comment. Read more

The most popular comment on any given Jezebel article is the most inflammatory, in my experience. Let’s all just agree to not make any important decisions based on what is said in comments sections on the internet. Read more

I wish I could remember where I read this article, but there was an interesting piece recently about the changing perceptions of the ‘94 crime bill. It basically argued that even though people now consider the bill hugely problematic, back when it was passed it had a lot of support not just from conservatives and Read more

Real question that has nothing to do with the finger here: Read more

Oh my god I actually saw this interview while standing in line for coffee this morning. These people are fully insane. The real galling moment for me was 2:54 onward, where they totally ignore the question about Trump hiring illegal immigrants and then go on to explain the real problem, which is the economy and lack Read more

For the first couple moves when I’m feeling out a map, yeah, oftentimes I’ll run my characters into a terrible position, realize where the enemies are, and then go back to the beginning of the battle and plan it better. But I try to otherwise stay away from the endless cycle of save scumming. Read more

Be fine with it. Will Smith is great. Read more

Anyone who claims to not be baffled or terrified by american politics is either lying or not paying attention. Read more

Wow these comments are booming. Read more

Your babushka never told you the story of Hansel Brogort? The beast that stalked the old country with his tween-friendly good looks and aggressive mediocrity? Read more

Do they give pulitzers for blog post titles? Because damn Joanna you just earned one. Read more