Unabashed Appliantologist
11:05 PM

Bischoff’s issues have all been related to talent having equal say in their own booking. He and Turner gave too many guys creative control over their own destinies. Aside from maybe Lesnar, ‘Taker, HHH, and Styles, I doubt any major performers have that power and all 4 are basically at part time status. Styles and

11:49 PM

Mpost events this could be a bad idea because if you land outside of your lane, you could be DQ'd. Not sure about the 400m hurdles for that though.

2:02 PM

I made a joke last night after leaving a movie about how nice it was to not have a guy making Chewbacca noises during the movie. Having just turned my phone on, I got the Twitter update immediately after I said it about Mayhew’s passing. I was devastated and felt like crying openly in public.

3:55 AM

Tutoring and coaching are at least legitimate and legal ways to help improve a kid’s chance to get into a good school. It is at least somewhat feasible for a middle class student to get those services to a lesser degree and not impossible for a gifted but financially impoverished student to find limited access to it

1:31 PM

If they paid extra to cut the line for a deserving kid or paid to get an undeserving kid in, it is still wrong. The wealthy should not get to use their already large advantage of personal financial security keep fucking over the less wealthy.

1:27 PM

Some people claim that there is no such thing as bad sex or bad pizza. Since Pizza Ranch exists, I'm pretty sure bad sex does as well. 

11:42 AM

I’mI'm more surprised at how much these assholes are willing to overpay for shit. 75k to get the wrong answers fixed on the ACT/SAT? Seems like it would be much cheaper to just hire a fucking tutor for your dipshit kid.

10:49 AM

I wonder how much of this is tied to percieved marketability of the athletes targeted by the IAAF. I get the feeling that if these were two women who met western/European beauty standards while still having higher than average testosterone levels, they would be just fine with it. It’s a shame, especially since they

3:15 AM

We don’t. In a situation like this where basically everyone is an asshole, you don’t have to pick a side. You can look around, realize that truth, and ask them all to leave your society. 

8:36 PM

I’m honestly unfamiliar with the group in question prior to the last 72 hours and foolishly assumed when I saw the words Black Israelites that the were identifying themselves as a subsection of Jewish people rather than just the batshit crazy folks they actually are. 

2:13 PM

Considering they only get that monthly stipend if they aren’t college students, they may already be doing those things to make ends meet. $1800 a month in a lump sum payment probably destroys some of them on taxes and it can't be cheap to be a professional gymnast.