Jul 10

Especially so as Mercedes/Hamilton have not had rule changes directed against them like Red Bull/Vettel or Ferrari/Schumacher.

Jun 25

I’ve tied a noose a few times as a kid. ‘Pretty sure it didn’t mean anything then. Pretty sure you’re an judgmental....

Jan 4

Former Green Beret Highly Skilled at Difficult Extractions

Aug 4 2019

Guys, can we take a moment to acknowledge how good Batman Beyond was: far better than it had any right to be? 

Jul 24 2019

“Wow, amazing. NONE of the Citroen trucks lasted more than 3,000 miles and they all failed catastrophically! Congrats on the sabotage.” Read more

Feb 25 2019

Not really... If you needed an engine that made a shitload of power for 2 minutes, then turned itself into scrap, who else would you go to? Read more

Feb 24 2019

I met a retired Chrysler Engineer. Interesting stories he had.

Chrysler built rockets and rocket engines for NASA in the 60s. When the big bid came for the Saturn V, he worked a ton on the bid. NASA gave the contract to Boeing instead and it looked like he would have to leave Chrysler and find a job at Boeing.


Feb 22 2019

Bring a can of kerosene and a tank of liquid oxygen with you. See if the owner will let you crank if over, just for shits and giggles. 

Feb 22 2019

No Lowballs - I KNOW WHAT I’VE GOT.  Rocket AC just needs a charge.

Feb 19 2019

I think Mission Winnow’s actual mission is to see how many words they can write without actually saying anything.

Jan 23 2019

As soon as the Sopwith Camel passes DOT. 

Jan 2 2019

Yes, the video is staged by Tesla Trip’s Patrick Lawson and his sister—but that doesn’t mean they made it easy on themselves. Read more

Dec 3 2018

Fun fact: 12,000 is also the number of miles you can go with a Focus DCT before it starts shuddering.

Nov 27 2018

To be fair, that’s an Australian cow. It’s size is greatly exaggerated by the Mercator projection.

Oct 17 2018

Now, up to now my plan went all right
‘Til we tried to put it all together one night
And that’s when we noticed that something was definitely wrong. Read more