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I actually own the printer. It’s the Instax Share SP-1, if anyone wants to know.
It’s really great and prints photos through an app on your smart phone.
Also, the film is now manufactured by Fujifilm, and it’s about $7 for a box of 10 film.

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i love love love Kevyn Aucoin's Sculpting Powder. it's supposedly a blend of gray brown, red/orange brown, so it really mimics shadows on your face. Gives my moony face a super sculpted look. 10/10 definitely try. Read more

Have you ever tried dry shampoo? Life. Changing. I use the one by Suave because surprisingly( or unsurprisingly) the cheapo brand works literally the same as the "salon" brands. Shake it like crazy, mist into my side part, rub in, comb through with fingers, and tada! my Day 3 of unwashed hair goes from greasy mess to Read more

She's actually pretty talented. Give her song "Female Energy" a listen! It's so different from her pre-pubescent, "Whip My Hair" era, it's like a completely different vibe. Almost like an ethereal, outer space feel to it, but is grounded with an old school, Sade vibe.

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