Brown Rose
12:46 PM

12% of the already low number of Black professionals isn’t that many though. When you think of it, we all know that one negro in the company that we just shake our head at like “Really?” I could see all of them across America adding up to 12%.

9:07 AM

The blurb up top makes it clear what happened. “The AV Club” is a collection of individuals. Some of them thought the film was pretty good, but enough of them really hated it that it made the list. And now the comment section is going to be dominated by 20-something white guys crying about it.

1:57 AM

This study outlines basically all of the exact reasons that I decided to start my own business instead of continuing to climb the White corporate ladder. Eventually, you just run into a bunch of glass ceilings. Read more

8:47 PM

With the exception of one particular manager, I have never really trusted a white woman to help me in my career. Oddly enough my biggest champions have been older white men from the south. For obvious reasons I do not want to think too deeply about that.

8:15 PM

Of those surveyed, only 12 percent of black professionals believe Katelyn or Abigail have their backs. Read more

4:33 PM

And once again I’m reminded that Pete Buttigieg is still in the race.

9:12 AM

I’m just going to say it: she shouldn’t have run at all. She just got elected to the Senate two years ago. She should’ve focused on serving her constituents for a full term and used that time to build her national profile. Harris’s best moments in the Senate have been when she’s grilling someone like Kavanaugh. That’s Read more

11:49 AM

Keep in mind that Zwarte Pete usally has a bag of gifts, and when the bag is empty (the tradition goes), the “Black Pete” will kidnap young boys and girls and thow them in their bags and drag them back to Spain. .... So it is not “Be good...He is checking the list TWICE”.. it is “Be good or that black man will take Read more

2:52 PM

So many of these comments are insulting to the poor, innocent Crypt Keeper.

1:30 PM

What this says to me is he’s broke and can’t get a job.  He’s tainted and nobody will touch him he’s desperate for cash, this is desperate cash grab if I ever saw one.  

11:33 AM

And there is a LOT wrong with that.. About the only thing he should be inspiring is aliens to take over the earth because they know we are too stupid to be left alone.

3:53 PM

For all the white people and so called Brogressives coming here and telling us about how to feel, vote and who is a cop read Propane Jane on Twitter. A black woman with a large ass following and you will know why so many are angry. Read this and come back with the same shit you’ve been responding with for months:

2:42 PM

Did you actually read about that idea? Because it was saying that they were looking to fund after school programs for parents who worked later and couldn’t get their kids or afford any other type of after school care. Think like after school YMCA club if you had something like that like I did.

2:37 PM

ALL OF THIS!!!! What infuriates me is that BLACK PEOPLE in the Corporate MSM were caping for her downfall...Looking at you Jonathan Capehart....He wrote a damn love piece to #LYINGMFMAYORPETE today in the Washington Post....I HATE EVERYTHING!!!!

2:29 PM

I think the world of her but she had no business running. As I look at all the grieving and gloating I’m reminded once again that these 2020 cults are really unhealthy. Read more

2:16 PM

Before a single vote was cast? Well congrats media you got your wish four more years of Trump with this bland collection of shit that can’t inspire anyone. Really who in the hell gives a fuck about three old ass politicians and a Mayor with no connection to POC. Congrats MSNBC & CNN you got your wish.