Brown Rose
Jul 31

He’s even worse than I thought. He’s scum. I am surprised that those he turned back didn’t hear about his deportation and decided to enact mortal justice. 

Jul 30

What a story. I did not read about that one. It looks like he’s living in Mexico now. I have no sympathy for that man. Absolutely none.

Jul 30

It should always be emphasized that over 30% of Latinos voted for Trump. And that number hasn’t really budged since 2016.

Jul 30

Latinos have enough people to create their own movement to get what they want instead of using Black people when we make any kind of progress. I don’t see them or Asians groups fighting as hard as we have done, but they will fight really hard to be accepted by white people and to emphasize their anti Blackness creds. Read more

Jul 13

This was a disgusting massacre not a race riot. And it was sanctioned by every white person in that town. There are more massacres of Black people buried in America that will never see the light of day.

Jul 6

Oregon is the White nationalist’s Wakanda. It’s not even shocking that they are all mostly Russian since their virulent racism is powered by their drinking.

Jun 22

He’s absolute filth. An absolute monster. I am reminded of the Grim Sleeper who was allowed to kill for decades with the help of other Black men. Black women and children have never been safe in their own communities due to despicable, irredeemable monsters like him.

Jun 19

Yes he is definitely a Republican. And a staunch Evangelical. He supports the repeal of the ACA and votes with Trump over 90% of the time on everything. He is generally terrible in everything else that matters and effects Black people disproportionately in this country. But he can acknowledge, as opposed to Candice Read more

Jun 4

She could have donated and stayed quiet, but she didn’t. I think it was brave of her to put herself out there even though she knows a bunch of anglophile racists will continue to loathe her and call her everything vile, racist, filthy, and disgusting.

Jun 2

The decision also had nothing to do with him being a supposedly crummy player. They allowed a psychopathic racist to dictate their own industry. Its too late now. And they still are going to end up losing millions now because of Corona.

Jun 1

The video shows a brutal murder, despite what the initial medical examiner tried to use in order to get those thugs a lesser sentence. Dr Baden, however, has been disputed when tested before and has a less than stellar history. That is an opening that the murdering cops defense will use to dispute what is in front of Read more

May 27

Her UV designation is too low for me. Mine usually starts at 50+ mineral based , zinc/titanium dioxide. Also, the price is far too high.

May 27

Excellent rec. You may have heard of him, but William Loren Katz (who was white) wrote two worthy books about Black cowboys: Black Indians and the Black West. The read like children’s books but he has wonderful photos in both books. 

May 27

Yup. We’ve always known that’s what it was about. And he is delivering.

May 27

The mother was Dominican. Her evil act just shows that other races know they can blame a black person and be believed and it’s fortunate that this horrific act was caught on camera. One of the many reasons why POC is a laughable designation.  

May 25

Nichols is a dangling few Never Trumpers that Democrats fawn over, yet he helped create the climate that would allow the psychopath in office to flourish. Of course he won’t confront why White men and a heap of white women love him so much and will support him again. Its an American tradition that goes back to the Read more

May 22

It’s no surprise that Republican support has hovered around 90% since he became the president in 2016. And that figure hasn’t changed in 2020. Despite his cruelty, his racism, his eugenics, his xenophobia, his abject stupidity, his inability to empathize with others and his obvious psychopathy, Republicans and Read more

May 11

It’s a huge accomplishment, but he is not the first Black American. He’s Canadian.