Brown Rose
Oct 27

Racism has everything to do with it. The only thing that I agree with is that The British Royal Family are inbred, redneck hicks, who are physically deformed. There are other Royal families on the world stage to gawk at. And honestly, Harry married way out his league in every way.

Oct 27

Not even surprised that the dude is Asian. They are right up there with Whites who loathe sharing the same space with Black people.

Oct 26

I’ve never been a fan of his, but it is encouraging that a white man like him who is the definition of privilege in every conceivable way, understands that it’s white people who need to do the work and not magical Black people guiding wayward, dumb white people to end racism. Read more

Oct 17

Bayonetta is excellent but I played it on the Wii U and then Switch. Bayonetta 2 was even better and a lot more fun. Here’s hoping Platinum Games ever get around to completing Bayo 3 for the Switch.

Sep 30

I remember that story. It was a college in Connecticut.It was a disgusting, filthy, racist white woman student who used body fluids to torture the Black woman.

Sep 29

It’s pathetic that a bunch of cops came in blazing like Swat over a Black woman with scissors. But then it no surprise how many people don’t see Black women as women of any kind. This also puts to rest the pernicious belief that younger people are less malignantly racist than Boomers.

Aug 26

It took less than 2 seconds for cops to murder Tamir Rice, a 12 year old, but they high five a 17 year old after he kills two people. America is damned and doomed. I won’t be shocked when Trump wins again. Because White people want Trump to keep on hurting Black people who they loathe on a quantum level.

Aug 11

They’ve done nothing. And I am sure they feel no remorse. After all he has over 90% of Republicans that still support him and his approval numbers have remained in the 40s, despite his disgusting degeneracy. As such he has a real chance of being re-elected again, because of white people.

Aug 11

I am glad that it was emphasized that Whites are the ones who voted for Trump in droves, thus they are the reason that everyone is suffering under a deluded, stupid, irredeemable psychopath now. It is also important to illustrate that Obama was elected twice because of non-white people, not whites. The last time a Read more

Aug 4

Adam Zaborowski, a white man, opened fire on over 7 cops with a AK 47 but he was taken alive and police noted with sympathy that he wasn’t handling the pandemic well. Meanwhile, George Floyd was kneeled on for 8 minutes and 46 seconds and therefore deserved to be murdered in broad daylight for resisting. Read more

Jul 31

He’s even worse than I thought. He’s scum. I am surprised that those he turned back didn’t hear about his deportation and decided to enact mortal justice. 

Jul 30

What a story. I did not read about that one. It looks like he’s living in Mexico now. I have no sympathy for that man. Absolutely none.

Jul 30

It should always be emphasized that over 30% of Latinos voted for Trump. And that number hasn’t really budged since 2016.

Jul 30

Latinos have enough people to create their own movement to get what they want instead of using Black people when we make any kind of progress. I don’t see them or Asians groups fighting as hard as we have done, but they will fight really hard to be accepted by white people and to emphasize their anti Blackness creds. Read more

Jul 13

This was a disgusting massacre not a race riot. And it was sanctioned by every white person in that town. There are more massacres of Black people buried in America that will never see the light of day.

Jul 6

Oregon is the White nationalist’s Wakanda. It’s not even shocking that they are all mostly Russian since their virulent racism is powered by their drinking.

Jun 22

He’s absolute filth. An absolute monster. I am reminded of the Grim Sleeper who was allowed to kill for decades with the help of other Black men. Black women and children have never been safe in their own communities due to despicable, irredeemable monsters like him.

Jun 19

Yes he is definitely a Republican. And a staunch Evangelical. He supports the repeal of the ACA and votes with Trump over 90% of the time on everything. He is generally terrible in everything else that matters and effects Black people disproportionately in this country. But he can acknowledge, as opposed to Candice Read more