Brown Rose
6:37 PM

I am rather perplexed that any thinking Black person truly believes that White women are ready made allies due to the special class status they enjoy when myriad examples indicate otherwise. They can often be more viciously racist and sociopathic in the workplace and beyond than White men.

1:31 PM

Excellence in action. What a wonderful achievement in such a competitive. Sport. Remarkable.

1:14 PM

Why anyone trusts George Conway is beyond me. Its a game to them. This is coordinated to the highest degree. I am pretty sure they are laughing about some media flair up they caused over a Pinot Grigiot.

2:47 AM

Yes. He may use Butileg as a VP but in the likely event Biden gets the nom, Trump is basically going to have a walk over. Despite what twitter says, because the economy is doing well (because of Obama), there is no real incentive for people to vote for another old newer white man.

2:42 AM

I appreciate the dig that he has nothing to recommend him other than he being a white man and that he cleared a low bar by condescended to call you when the article trended against him. Read more

9:50 PM

He’s nothing more than Log Cabin Republican. And he knows nothing about Black people. And Castro, a superior candidate, who actually understands black people is barely getting any traction.

7:06 PM

Miller is a true believer. This isn’t about political expediency or power. He really does believe in his heart that Black people are inferior in every conceivable way and that we should not exist. I am sure he still has a dog eared copy of the Bell Curve on his nightstand and bookmarks American Renaissance, VDare, and Read more

7:53 AM

I honestly dont know what the big deal is. Ive seen long lines in black and white neighborhoods. Ill stick to making my own. I need my 4$ for other things.

10:57 AM

Same. I dont eat it. But the Popeyes in the white peoples part of town were nothing but a long line of white people. The drive thru was backed out onto the street. I saw no black people waiting for that sandwich.

10:54 AM

Yup. Been knew. We got Churchs and Popeyes. You can guess which one is only patronized by black people. 

9:40 AM

Yes. There is nothing wrong with it. In fact we are helping all those white shareholders make gobs and gobs of money. No one says anything when you see a long, long ass lines of white people waiting for the next Iphone or video game. Or Black Friday. Its bad only when Black people do anything.

9:37 AM

Excellent. We need to see more of this type of academic competitive wins.

1:24 PM

As I said before, we have no immune system to protect against irredeemable monsters like this against our children and elderly. They prey on our community with horrific outcomes like this. Read more

10:40 AM

We all know what would have happened if he was armed and Black like that with a kill whitey manifesto. Same thing would have happened if he was Muslim. The gun question wouldn’t be an issue. He would have been deported, detained, Guantanamo Bayed, beaten, tortured or just plain dead.

2:44 PM

The white woman who started the whole thing is still alive. She has suffered no punishment, has demonstrated no guilt or remorse. She has lived all these years without any repercussions to her life. Read more

2:32 PM

I guess they are mad that the all seeing mega giant has made it harder for cops and city to soak the the poor through speed traps etc. Of course they dont say that it will also be easy for them to track poor people.