Nov 10 2015

GGRRRR THIS! Just like that stupid instagrammer Jen Something(?). Squats do not do this. Fat transfers and implants do this:

Nov 10 2015

She needs to stop pretending like she got that tumor ass from squats and deadlifts. She had fat transfers to make it bigger. You can tell by her IG “gym” posts that she doesn’t even use the correct form when doing squats, so it’s obvious that she fakes the fucking pictures. Read more

Nov 9 2015

The sex stuff this new generation is doing is out of control. Eye play?! That’s dangerous. Someone could go blind. In my day, the only kinky thing we did was watch The Mary Tyler Moore Show while making whoopie on the sofa. If you looked at the screen at the wrong time, sure, you’d climax to Ed Asner, but the worst Read more

Nov 9 2015

OH GOD. I haven’t even finished reading but that Funky Town story has brought actual tears to my eyes.

Oct 20 2015

Here’s your real world equivalent.

Oct 19 2015

The South makes no sense. Ordering chips and dip with a Coke could literally mean chips and salsa with ohh I don’t know a Dr Pepper.

Nov 21 2014

I disagree about diversifying, only because I like to go around pretending I'm a traveling Gym Leader. All Fire Pokemon, all the time. Hand out tons of badges (in the form of money) whenever someone beats me. Makes for some tough battles sometimes, but also can be rewarding. Read more