10:03 PM

I think “customer service voice” is another extension of this. When I’m performing customer service my voice is several notches higher than my resting bitch voice. I know there’s been some controversy about hijacking the phrase “emotional labor” and applying it to personal relationships but I feel as though I have to Read more

9:47 AM

Okay, bisexuality also encapsulates attractions to people with gender identities that don’t adhere to the binary, but we’ll press on.

Isn’t that pansexuality ? bi means two, which kinda implies the 2 major genders / adherance to binary

AM I wrong on this ? If so I might’ve been self identifying somewhat wrong for Read more

11:28 AM

Can you imagine ANY other Doctor doing what she did? Even Hartnell who was very stiff upper lip type character would have at least put his hand on the shoulder of his companion and said, “Yes, I can imagine it would scare you, yes, yes indeed.”

2:08 PM

I would hesitate to call this”robotic surgery” - it’s more “teleoperated surgery” given what the blog says - a surgeon manipulates tools under microscope and the machinery removes vibrations and allows gross motions by the surgeons to be reflected as micro-motions by the machine. Read more

1:15 AM

From the directions on the banner image: “Our products work through the herb’s own vibrational energy and our users’ own vibrational energy and intent placed into our product.” Read more

7:42 PM

They actually do have different engines, sorta. The engine for Andromeda is a version that was heavily modified by Bioware specifically for RPGs. Read more

5:28 PM

There’s a big difference between wearing shorts while waiting for the bus, or wearing shorts when you’re gonna be inside all day, and wearing shorts when doing outdoor exercise in freezing temperatures. Personally I think the difference is best described as “comfortable with a cold breeze” and “comfortable with Read more

5:15 PM

It needs to be an app so that you have to submit your info to a third party, who can then turn around and get rich selling the anonymized data for marketing and advertising purposes, obviously. 

5:53 AM

There was a great response from SciBabe (Yvette d’Entremont) to one of Jenna Jameson’s tweets. Read more

8:15 PM

Fuck Jenna James and Jenny McCarthy and especially Andrew Fucking Wakefield and anyone else that peddles this lethal bullshit. If you want to see what measles does, read this fucking article. And post it freely on the social media of any vicious imbecile trying to say measles is harmless. Read more

11:49 AM

Visit an older cemetery. Remark on the tombstones of young babies (some burial sites even have child areas) and note the DRAMATIC drop off in deaths after the 1960's. BECAUSE FUCKING VACCINATIONS. Read more

3:22 PM

My wife on advice from friends brought and entire bag with no purpose other than pillaging this kind of loot. They also hand out diapers, wipes and several other things - if you catch a shift change at the right time you can even stash a whole package of diapers and request more. With our first kid I felt kind of Read more