Feb 28

That's what immediately popped into my mind too! Clearly you are a person with impeccable taste!

Feb 21

The naturalistic fallacy is an unslayable hyrda. Sadly, it is an effective marketing tool, and one disproportionatly applied to women’s (health) products. This type of crap plus anti-vaxers, and anti-GMO, makes me lament the sad state of scientific literacy in this country.

Feb 14

Yes. As a corollary, “How do these people have that much money?” Always shocked by the budgets people have. Though I live in a place where 3 bedroom condos go for $1 million+, so I can't be too critical.

Feb 11

My bad, sloppy writing. I meant that ME:A should have been built with the same engine as the previous games in the series (Unreal?). The Frostbite troubles were extensively documented on multiple game sites.

Feb 10

If I remember correctly, EA corporate demanded that they use Frostbite. That being said, Bioware leadership should have done a better job pushing back. Read more

Dec 5

I wish I could give you two stars. One for this, and another for your follow-up comment/joke. I’m in the same boat. Read more

Dec 3

Yes, “shingles” is the result of the chicken pox virus emerging from dormancy in immunocompromised individuals. Read more

Dec 3

That's my go to. It's very effective. Nothing quite like adorable, lamb shaped gravestones to drive an argument.

Nov 20

I work in drug discovery for Oncology and have had much the same experience with my relatives. Though in retrospect, those conversations take about half as long as CBD myth busting. While I’m happy to help my friends and family, such conversatioms make me lament the quality of science education in the US.

Nov 6

Because it’s better TV. The police almost always encounter the person first anyway though. For instance, gunshot victims cannot/are not treated by EMS until the scene is secured by police officers. 

Nov 4

Pretty sure we’ll have cold fusion and FTL long before that happens.

Oct 23

Option 1,Softbank predicts the IPO to reach 20 billion again now that the company is being run by adults. They still stand to make a profit if that works out, despite their previous and current commitments. Read more

Oct 9

Yup, people freak out over Ebola, when Influenza kills 5-10x more people in the US per year. Likewise it's responsible for the worst pandemic since the black death.

Sep 23

Very true. I'm sure Jezebel's catered to whatever Gilead's elite fancied. Hypocrisy isn't hypocrisy when you make the rules.

Sep 20

Yandy missed a golden opportunity. Were I in charge of the design, I would have made it show about an inch more ankle and elbow. That's how you make a sexy handmaiden costume.