Brock Tune
Jul 2

U2 is my favorite band, so U Talkin’ ... was manna from heaven. REM is one of those bands that, on paper, I should adore, yet I just can’t love. Read more

Jul 1

Whedon was hired to save a burning building that cost three hundred million dollars to construct. Gee, sorry that he wasn’t polite about it.

May 31

Look here, @Brock Tune, if you gave my homeopathic goat thyroid and testicle powder a try, you’d be over your cold in a fraction of a month!!

May 31

It would be awesome to have dueling movies on this guy -- it would be as unexpected as 2005/2006 when we had dueling biopics on Truman Capote.

May 21

Devil’s advocate: after the first episode, it started to feel like each video must’ve been a headache in terms of workload, with cameos to coordinate, videos to find and edit, surprises to plan, etc. Became an actual production, as lo-fi as it still was. Read more

May 20

My bet is the fact that Covid-19 has basically killed a lot of original content from being made for any platform.  HBO Max is scrambling to have something on the slate for 2021 and post production can all be done from people working at home

May 17

I’m terribly sorry to all those I’ve offended with this simple and seemingly innocuous inquiry. I’ll keep you all in mind the next time I even think about posting something the hive mind of the internet doesn’t approve of in advance. Perhaps a ‘Man, that sucks’ or yet another tired reference to Marc and HIS GUYS

May 13

It depends on the audiobook. Some are just reads (Gaiman is a fantastic reader and any books he narrates are worth picking up), while others are full-fledged audioplays.

It seems like the more British a book is, the more likely it’ll get the audioplay treatment, since radio plays never stopped being a thing over there.

May 13

Audible is like netflix for audio books. So, with different people/teams producing the content, there are different productions standards for each book. That said, most are straightforward audio books. If you’re interested in this project specifically, though...the last paragraph’s use of “audio drama” instead of Read more

May 5

Yeah, but it’s tough to blame anyone for that.

May 1

Hard agree. If they had let it play out for a season or so then had everyone realize they were collectively being assholes, that would have been one thing, but they really committed to it for the duration.  Honestly, I found the show really uneven--there were parts that were great, but it didn’t warm my heart the way Read more

May 1

I liked that Donna (pretty happily) called up Garry though.  She was always the sweetest to him.  I still cry when I think about his nameplate at her wedding.

May 1

As an episode of Parks & Rec, it’s probably not even in the top half and ranks down there with an average S2 episode. Read more

May 1

I enjoyed this a fair amount but goddamn am I fed up with the Gary / Jerry bashing. it was always a really ugly and unpleasant element in the series and that they went to that well so many times in this episode really frustrated. And I know the joke is that he has a wonderful life and doesn’t care about the way they Read more

Apr 25

Lemme guess Karen, you saw someone at the store who failed to socially distance...