This probably doesn’t relate much, but being of an asian descent, I had some interesting experiences. In eastern KY, I was, very nicely, too, refused service at a diner. And driving through northern Mississippi was, well, actually it was terrifying. After filling up at a gas station, I was chased by three pickups with Read more

Makes sense to me, and more jurisdictions should do this. The impacts of micro-pollutants on the environment is only just being understood. A recent study noted how micro-pollutants from tires are significantly impacting the health of our local salmon populations. I have no doubt toxic runoff from brake pads is Read more

What a hot garbage take. All evidence suggests if anything, VPs do nothing at all to one’s election chances. Let alone HANDING President PAndemic another term. Calm the F down.
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Can I just say how nice it is to read a presidential candidate’s cheat sheet that contains multisyllabic words, complete thoughts, a logical progression, and isn’t comprised of four-inch-high letters drawn with a fucking billboard-sized marker in what you know is a clenched fist with his tongue sticking out and beads Read more

It isn’t the difficulty, it is the take rate and ROI. Read more

I find most silver to be pretty bland, but Lexus Atomic Silver is really quite something. Sadly photos do not do it justice... Read more

It’s quite simple: NASCAR fans are dolts.  Read more

Rev hangs is not a problem, it is intentional. Read more

You may be right. Trump is too big a punk to EVER hit someone. I loved Top Gear and I love TGT but I’ve never deluded myself by thinking that Jeremy Clarkson is a sensitive soul who cares about others. He should have taken a little humility from his mum who handmade Paddington Bears for her children including a wee

Thunberg is 16 years old, there’s not much else she can do except make speeches and raise awareness. She did cross the ocean in a carbon-neutral boat and she has made adjustments to her own life to conserve energy and reduce pollution, which is the most she can really do. Contrary to what a lot of people think, she Read more

You are a small minded idiot.
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You do realize that many of those crises passed because people made a genuine effort to fix them, right? Y2K lead to significant changes in firmware and computing. The hole in the ozone layer lead to a comprehensive change in the refrigerants people used, resulting in a reduction of CFC emissions so drastic it Read more

He identifies as a “Classic British Liberal” though his professed views closely align with that of the right. I mean...his views align with the right on darn near everything. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Read more

This article will be my new perfect example of why that phrase is important. OK Boomer needs to be said when people spout off with stupid shit like this. Ooo so sorry that your TV show became irrelevant after you jumped the shark too many times. Why not blame a person trying to improve the planet. Read more

Re: ozone layer. The world did make an effort to reduce ODSs via the Montreal protocol and now the layer is making a (slow, but measureable) recovery according to the EPA. Read more

I hope you’re kidding. Greta Thunberg is a CHILD who is trying to alert the world to the danger we adults are ignoring. I am not a tree-hugging, Greenpeace loving, eco-nut but I do care about the planet I leave my children. I don’t agree with the whole “Okay, boomer” meme but it speaks to the current leadership whose

He’s not even 60!? I swear I thought he was nearing, if not in, his 7os. Man, that diet of bile, xenophobia, anger, and cigarettes is really not good for you. Maybe someone should make him a few more salad sandwiches?
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I treat Jeremy Clarkson the same way I treat our Dear Leader President Trump: Remember that he is an entitled, silver-spoon asshole who LOVES attention. Frankly, I’m shocked he hasn’t run for the House of Commons as a Tory.